“IncomePro” Annuity Plan

FTLife offers “IncomePro” Annuity Plan that takes good care of your needs with great flexibility. It provides Monthly Income and life insurance, giving you an extra peace of mind.

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Regent Insurance Plan 2

Allows unlimited changes of insured and protection period will cover until new insured reaches age 128 to help you pass on the fruits of an industrious life to your children or the next generations and safeguard your wealth further.

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MediGold Plus Insurance Plan

Protection afforded by a superior lifetime medical insurance plan grants peace of mind while you concentrate on developing a successful career and raising a family.

New Product Features*
  • Convert to mass medical plan without further evidence of insurability required
  • Upgrade area of coverage without further evidence of insurability required
  • *For details, please refer to the product brochure

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    “HealthCare 168” Critical Illness Protector

    It offers full coverage against 168 illnesses, various innovative product advantages and additional benefits, including additionals benefits for respiratory diseases, multiple claims for Cancer/Stroke/Severe Heart Attack, Protection Reset Benefit and more, which is your preferred critical illness protection.

    ‘The Air Shop’
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    Fulfill goals at each stage of lives

    FTLife provides customers with comprehensive insurance and financial planning services at each stage of their lives, to fulfill our commitment: “Your Future, Our Promise”.

    Insurance Series
    "MediCare" Medical
    Insurance Plan
    Medical Account
    Health Manager Brings a Healthier Future

    FTLife Health Manager helps you to understand yourself more and achieve a healthier life.

    Olympic Gold Medallist Hui Ruoqi now champions FTLife’s Regent Insurance Plan 2. Her outstanding performance symbolises FTLife’s unwavering commitment to serving customers with comprehensive protection and financial planning.
    The love story starts at an unusual tiny shop that sells only air bottles. The shop owner married a girl who can smell everything and like to sample fragrances, but she was eventually hurt by the air and have serious respiratory illness. Facing the potential death, how would he protects his most beloved one?
    Micro-movie “Love beyond words” on air - With the launch of “Regent‧Premier” and “Regent‧Prestige”, FTLife proudly presents you “Love beyond words” micro-movie that tells the fortune inheritance wish of every Chinese family through a heart-touching father and son story.
    Regent Savings Insurance Annual Divident Special Declaration
    * In December 2016, FTLife has enhanced Regent Insurance Plan by advancing the annual dividend payout from the "third policy anniversary date" to the "first policy anniversary date". For existing customers with their Regent policies issued in 2015, an extra annual dividend has been paid to their policies so that they can enjoy a better return.
    iFocus Third Quarter 2018
    You can get a free vaccination or health check reward upon successful application(s) of any plans (except investment-linked products) within the promotion period.
    You can get a free Faecal Occult Blood Test offered by HKSH Healthcare Digestive Medicine Centre upon successful application of the basic plan or rider of MediGold Plus Insurance Plan.
    You can enjoy up to 1 month premium refund upon successful application(s) of “HealthCare 168” Critical Illness Protector and “Health@Ease” Critical Illness Protector.
    You can enjoy up to 9% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of “IncomePro” Annuity Plan during the promotion period.
    You can enjoy first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Prestige Version) during the promotion period.
    You can enjoy up to 8% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Premier Version) during the promotion period.
    You can enjoy first-year premium refund up to 3 months upon successful application(s) of MediGold Plus with family.
    You can enjoy an annual premium discount rate up to 20% for the whole Premium Payment Period on“TargetCare” Cancer Plan if you enroll “MediCare” Medical Insurance Plan alongside “TargetCare” Cancer Plan within the Promotion Period, to help you get the health protection with ease.
    The GAMA Awards Presentation Dinner organized by the General Agents and Managers Association of Hong Kong (GAMAHK) is an annual flagship event of the insurance industry. The Awards recognizes managers with outstanding achievements in personal sales, management, recruitment and driving business growth. Many FTLife managers are GAMA Award winners, underscoring that FTLife’s managers always strive for excellence in management quality.
    Embracing the theme “Moving Ahead at Full Throttle”, the Agency Communication Meeting on 4th July concluded the outstanding performance of the company in the first half of 2018 and encourage all agents to get up and go for even better results in the second half of the year, while helping FTLife to attain the leading position in the local life insurance industry.  Miss Jamie Wan-yiu Wong, an award-winner of the Asian Cycling Championship, was invited to share her thriving experience in the sports and inspired all to grow from strength to strength through overcoming difficulties and obstacles!
    FTLife organised the first ever Partnership Summit and invited valued partners to visit the headquarters of its parent company - JD Group - in Beijing. The management of JD Group took the opportunity to enhance the partners’ understanding and confidence in JD Group by introducing the Group’s development history, business operations, investment philosophy and financial strength.
    FTLife Wealth Management Client Seminar was held on 24 March. FTLife Executive Regional Director, Dr. Kit Chan and renowned actor, Mr. Hugo Ng shared valuable insight about financial planning, importance of savings and benefits of Regent Insurance Plan 2.
    Product launch for "MediGold Plus" Insurance Plan was held on 15 Jan. The Plan offers market leading medical solution to customers. With its high protection limit, first-in-the-market comprehensive cancer protection, flexible plan options, various innovative features and top-notch worldwide medical concierge services, the plan allows customers to enjoy advanced medical treatment at ease.
    Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam opened the Master Insight Forum sponsored by. FTLife Chairman Fang Lin invited the high-net-worth clients and partners joined the Forum alongside some 400 political and business leaders.

    Passing wisdom and wealth to the next generation

    Whether in the sporting arena or daily life, Hui Ruoqi brims with ambition and energy. Hui’s father coached her in the art of perseverance beyond the pain barrier, an attribute she now wishes to pass down to up-and-coming athletes. Hui encourages us all to accept challenges boldly and channel our best efforts into what we truly want to achieve.  FTLife feels the value of passing on such wisdom to younger athletes is akin to the laudable act of passing wealth down to the next generation.

    Always aim high

    At a lofty 1.92 metres, Hui Ruoqi is no stranger to the word “high”.  As national volleyball captain, she led the team to attain its highest-ever position in the international sporting arena. This clearly demonstrated a high level of perseverance, as well as a never-give-up spirit. Hui uses her experience to illustrate the importance of thinking big and walking tall. Only by aiming high can you progress to ultimately achieve your most significant aspirations, she advises.