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FTLife will change its company name to Chow Tai Fook Life Insurance Company Limited (“CTF Life”) and launch the new brand in the third quarter of this year. FTLife’s business operations remain consistent. The forthcoming name change and brand elevation will not affect the day-to-day management and operation of existing policies. Please refer to the press release for more details (About FTLife > News Centre).
“MediCare” Medical Insurance Plan
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“MediCare” Medical Insurance Plan

The “MediCare” Medical Insurance Plan from FTLife provides comprehensive reimbursement of medical expenses and a guaranteed lifetime renewal option until 128 years of age. The plan’s Major Medical Benefit protects you against excess expenses that exceed benefit limits, in addition, the limit of reimbursement will be doubled if you are diagnosed with a listed severe urban chronic disease, thereby removing a troublesome financial burden at an already worrying time.


Up to age 128

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Aged 15 days to 70 years

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  • Comprehensive protection against medical expenses in times of need

  • Double Major Medical Benefit for common urban diseases

  • Upfront no-claim discount for successful applications

  • Benefit4 to facilitate care of home issues during hospitalization

Product Features

Comprehensive protection against medical expenses in times of need

Comprehensive protection against medical expenses in times of need

The “MediCare” Medical Insurance Plan provides all-round protection such as:

  • Coverage for hospitalization, surgery (including outpatient surgery) and outpatient consultancy before/after confinement or surgery.
  • Compensation for room and board doubled when required to stay in an isolation room1.
  • Post-confinement treatments and care covered include home nursing, chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy consultation and Chinese medicine consultancy.
  • Additional cash allowances such as outpatient surgery cash allowance2.
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal keeps you covered until 128 years of age.


“MediCare” Medical Insurance Plan can be enrolled as basic plan or as rider. It’s Major Medical Benefit provides an extra 80% subsidy for expenses that exceed the maximum amount of compensation offered via two levels of protection6 to meet your personal needs.

Double Major Medical Benefit for common urban diseases

Double Major Medical Benefit for common urban diseases

FTLife has responded to the fact that people succumbing to urban killer diseases are getting younger – so if the insured is diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or needs a major organ/bone marrow transplant or surgery related to diabetes-complications, the Major Medical Benefit will double the maximum benefit normally payable and the reimbursement percentage will be raised from 80% to 100%.


Moreover, benefit will extend to cover the specific out-patient treatments, include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, target therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, proton therapy, haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis and the expense of consultancy, as well as any diagnostic imaging or drugs relating to specific outpatient treatment will also be covered under the plan, so the insured can receive treatment that maximizes likelihood of recovery.

Upfront no-claim discount for successful applications

Upfront no-claim discount for successful applications

No-claim discount rewards policyowners for leading healthy lifestyles. Unlike similar plans on the market, “MediCare” provides an annual 16% premium discount immediately following successful application until such time as the first claim is made. Then an 8% discount is provided in the policy year following a claim, while a 0% discount applies to ensuing years. If no claim is made for three consecutive policy years, the rate of no-claim discount will revert to 16%.

The following items will NOT affect no-claim discount:

  • Outpatient surgery (Surgery performed on an outpatient basis entitles the policyowner to outpatient surgery cash3)
  • Admission to public wards in HKSAR Government hospitals
  • Emergency Out-patient Treatment (Accident) benefit

Benefit4 to facilitate care of home issues during hospitalization

Benefit4 to facilitate care of home issues during hospitalization

For each hospitalisation and period of pre/post-confinement, a Hospitalization Home Care Benefit will be provided to give the insured peace of mind while undergoing medical treatment. Such issues could include home help by a temporary domestic helper and pet care to address the insured’s everyday domestic needs.

Loss of Income Medical Booster

Loss of Income Medical Booster

If the insured loses income or medical benefits because of involuntary unemployment or change of employment, the Major Medical Benefit reimbursement percentage will be raised from 80% to 100%. The plan also grants the insured extra peace of mind by permanently raising reimbursement to 100% if the insured suffers total and permanent disablement.


Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services5

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services5

The plan provides 24-Hour worldwide emergency assistance no matter where you may be.


  1. If the insured is admitted to isolation room due to diagnosis of the Insured with any one of the scheduled infectious disease under the “Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance”, daily limit of “Room & Board” will be doubled.
  2. “Out-patient Surgery Cash Allowance” will be payable only once per policy year when the Insured is receiving out-patient surgery at clinic / day care centre / out-patient department or emergency treatment room of a hospital.
  3. If the Insured fulfills any of the below condition, reimbursement percentage of the eligible expenses of Major Medical Benefit will be increased to 100%:(i) (a) involuntary unemployment; or(b) one permanent job changes to another permanent job;(ii) Total and permanent disablement (applicable for Insured age 18 - 65 only)Policy must in force for at least one Policy Year; item (i) is up to 3 times per policy and the maximum period of cover is 6 months each time.
  4. Under “Hospitalization Home Care Benefit”, we would pay one of the following charges: (i) the actual cost of hiring a temporary helper (upon the submission of the original receipt issued by the service providing organization) starting from the 4th day of confinement until the day after hospital discharge; or (ii) for the fee of pet-boarding service (boarding and meal charges only) or pet-sitting service provided by licensed kennel, cattery or boarding establishment in Hong Kong (upon the submission of the original receipt issued by the kennel, cattery, boarding establishment) during confinement, include the day before hospital admission or the day after hospital discharge. We will only cover either (i) or (ii) per confinement.
  5. Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services are provided by the third party service provider. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services.
  6. The above product information does not contain the full terms of the plan and the full terms can be found in the policy document.
  7. This plan may be purchased as a standalone plan without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.

The above product summary is for reference only. For more details on the product, please refer to the policy terms and benefits.
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