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FTLife will change its company name to Chow Tai Fook Life Insurance Company Limited (“CTF Life”) and launch the new brand in the third quarter of this year. FTLife’s business operations remain consistent. The forthcoming name change and brand elevation will not affect the day-to-day management and operation of existing policies. Please refer to the press release for more details (About FTLife > News Centre).
Fund Price and Information

Fund Price and Information

Legend 2
(such schemes are currently available for new insurance policy applications)

Cheers Plus / Oscar / Legend / Aviator Plus / 888 Universal Life, Aviator, Cheers Investment Life Insurance Plan, Columbus, Investment-Linked Accumulation Rider, SMILE Investment Life Insurance Plan, Wealth Accumulator, "Wealth Accumulator" Plus, Wealth Builder, Wealth Partner, Wealth Smart, "Wealth Smart" Plus, "Wealth Smart" Premier (such schemes are no longer available for new insurance policy applications and are not marketed to the public in Hong Kong)

Important Notes:
  1. The investment-linked assurance scheme (the “Scheme”) is an insurance policy issued by FTLife Insurance Company Limited (“FTLife”) with benefits linked to the performance of investment choice(s) selected by you. Your investments are subject to the credit risk of FTLife.
  2. All premiums you pay towards the Scheme, and any investments made by FTLife in the underlying funds corresponding to the investment choices you selected, will become and remain part of the assets of FTLife. I.e., you are not investing in the underlying funds of the investment choices and you do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against FTLife only. The allocations of the units of investment choice(s) to your policy are notional and are solely for the purpose of determining the account value of your policy.
  3. Your return on investments is calculated by FTLife with reference to the performance of the underlying funds corresponding to the investment choices selected by you. The return of investments under the Scheme shall be subject to the charges of the Scheme and may be lower than the return of the corresponding SFC-authorized fund.
  4. The investment choices available under the Scheme can have very different features and risk profiles. Some may be of high risk. Please read the offering documents of the underlying funds involved, which will be made available upon request or can be downloaded at our website:
  5. The underlying fund of certain investment choice(s) is classified as derivative fund, and its net derivative exposure may be more than 50% of the underlying fund’s net asset value. This type of investment choice is only suitable for clients who understand the complicated structure of derivative product and associated risks, and you may incur significant loss of principal if investing in this type of investment choice. Please read the offering documents of the underlying funds involved, which will be made available upon request or can be downloaded at our website: You are strongly advised to exercise caution in relation to such investment choice.
  6. The Scheme is designed to be held for a long term period. Early surrender or withdrawal of the policy, suspension of or reduction in premium (if applicable) may result in a significant loss of principal and / or bonuses. Poor performance of underlying funds may further magnify your investment losses, while all charges are still deductible.
  7. With no premium contribution during the period of contribution interruption/ premium holiday (if applicable), the value of the Scheme may be significantly reduced due to fees and charges, and additional premium for optional rider(s) (if any), which are still deductible during the period of contribution interruption/ premium holiday, and your entitlement to bonuses may also be affected.
  8. More importantly, Legend 2 should be aware of the following regarding your death benefit and the insurance charges:
    • Part of the fees and charges you pay that will be deducted from the value of your policy will be used to cover the insurance charges for the life coverage.
    • The insurance charges will reduce the amount that may be applied towards investment in the underlying funds selected.
    • The insurance charges may increase significantly during the term of your policy due to factors such as age and investment losses etc. This may result in significant or even total loss of your premiums paid.
    • If deduction of notional units for payment of all the ongoing fees and charges, including the insurance charges, causes the value of your policy to fall to zero or below, your policy will terminate early and you could lose all your premium paid and benefits.
    • You should consult your consultant for details on the insurance charges, such as how the insurance charges may increase and could impact the value of your policy.
  9. Investment involves risk. You should not purchase the Scheme unless you understand it and your consultant has explained to you how it is suitable for you. The final decision is yours.
  10. (Applicable to Legend 2 and Legend only) The investment choice ended with “(Dis)” in its name (the “Investment Choice (Cash Distribution)”) linked to the share class of the corresponding underlying fund which aims to distribute cash dividend on a regular basis. If you choose to invest in the Investment Choice(s) (Cash Distribution), you will receive cash dividend if FTLife receives such dividend from the underlying fund(s) of the Investment Choice(s) (Cash Distribution). Please note:
    1. There is no guarantee that the underlying fund of an Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) will distribute cash dividend, distribute fixed amount of cash dividend or distribute cash dividend at a periodic frequency. The amount of cash dividend paid is in no way an indication, a forecast or a projection of cash dividends to be paid in the future.
    2. Underlying fund of Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) may at its discretion, according to their dividend policy, (a) pay cash dividend out of the capital of the underlying fund; or (b) pay cash dividend out of gross investment income while paying or charging all or part of the underlying fund’s expenses and fees out of or to the capital of the underlying fund, resulting in an increase in distributable income for payment of cash dividend by the underlying fund and hence, the underlying funds may effectively pay cash dividend out of capital.
    3. Payment of cash dividend out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Such payments of cash dividend will result in an immediate decrease in the net asset value per unit of the underlying funds, and may result in an immediate reduction of the unit price of the Investment Choice (Cash Distribution).
    4. In comparison to investment choice(s) that reinvest dividend, Investment Choice(s) (Cash Distribution) pay out cash dividend and hence, may reduce the account value of the policy. This may in turn (i) reduce the death benefit and surrender value payable, (ii) lead to the reduction of applicable bonuses, and (iii) lead to the policy termination when the account value is insufficient to cover the relevant policy charges. If the account value is reduced to zero or below, the policy will be terminated.
    5. You should not select the Investment Choices (Cash Distribution) unless you understand them, and your consultant has explained to you how they are suitable to you.
  11. You should not invest based on the information in this website only. You should read the offering documents (which consist of the Product Guide, Investment Guide and Product Key Facts Statement) of the Scheme and the offering documents of the relevant underlying funds which will be made available upon request or can be downloaded at our website:, free of charge, for details.
Investment involves risks and the values of investments may go up as well as down. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past Performance is not indicative of future performance.

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