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FTLife will change its company name to Chow Tai Fook Life Insurance Company Limited (“CTF Life”) and launch the new brand in the third quarter of this year. FTLife’s business operations remain consistent. The forthcoming name change and brand elevation will not affect the day-to-day management and operation of existing policies. Please refer to the press release for more details (About FTLife > News Centre).
Premium Exchange Rate

Premium Exchange Rate

Latest exchange rate of foreign currencies to HK Dollar:

13 Jun 2024 1 USD 7.820316 HKD
13 Jun 2024 1 CNY 1.080981 HKD

* ONLY ACCEPT premium pay in HKD dollars or in policy currency


The exchange rates shown above for all purposes are intended for your reference only, and are quoted by FTLife from time to time based on the prevailing foreign currency exchange rates with reference to the prevailing market benchmark rates and/or sources. FTLife assumes no responsibility for any use of or reliance on the exchange rates shown above.

When is the premium exchange rate updated ?

The premium exchange rate is updated daily.

If I choose to pay at FTLife Cashier Office, which day's exchange rate will be used ?

If you pay at FTLife Cashier Office (including payment by cash, cheque, credit card, or K Dollar), the premium exchange rate will be calculated based on the exchange rate on the day of payment.

If I use electronic payment to pay, which day's exchange rate will be used ?

If you use electronic payment methods, including payment at convenience stores, PPS, telephone banking, or online payment (Hang Seng / HSBC Bank / JETCO), the exchange rate will be calculated based on the exchange rate on the day FTLife receives the payment. Please note that it usually takes about three working days for FTLife to receive the payment after successful payment by electronic payment methods.

For autopay from bank or credit card, which day's exchange rate will be used ?

According to the established arrangement with the bank, the company must issue an autopay file to the bank in advance and debit the bank account on the specified date (2nd/16th/25th of each month). The exchange rate will be based on the debit date and sent to the bank in advance by the company. These arrangements are as follows:

  • Bank autopay: 3 working days in advance
  • Credit card autopay: 1 working day in advance

Example: The bank autopay debit on the 16th of each month, and we will send the file to bank with the exchange rate on the 13th (assume that the 13th-15th are all working days) to the bank for debit.