Medical Support

Medical Support

e-ConNET Healthcare Service Flyer

This flyer contains service overview, details and application procedure of e-ConNET Healthcare Service Flyer.

To download the file, please click here.

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Cashless Arrangement Service

Apply for Cashless Arrangement Service!
High Net Worth Medical Product: “MediPro” Medical Insurance Plan, MediGold Plus Insurance Plan, and MediGold Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service

In the event of Medical Emergency Assistance while travelling overseas, please call the 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Hotline (852) 2866 1810 for assistance, this service is bound with terms and conditions, please click here.

Medpass - Waiver of Deposit Service in China

In the event of bodily injuries or sickness requiring hospitalization while travelling in China, you should first:

  1. Call the 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Hotline (852) 2866 1810 before any admission, center staff will arrange the waiver of deposit at the nearest hospital according to the network hospital.

  2. Proceed to the designated hospitals and present your travel document (e.g. Re-entry Permit / HKID Card / Passport) to the hospital staff.

Click here to download the Medpass -Network Hospital List

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