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FTLife and the St. James' Settlement launch the “Cancer Patient Support Programme” to provide needy colon and gastrointestinal cancer patients with cash assistance and nutrition packs

FTLife is pleased to announce that the FTLife x St. James' Settlement Cancer Patient Support Programme is now under way. This new initiative enables underprivileged colon and gastrointestinal cancer patients to receive emergency cash assistance and cancer-care nutrition packs, as well as other support for themselves and their caretakers, from the Philanthropic Community Pharmacy of St. James’ Settlement.

In June, FTLife introduced the e-Connect Health Platform, which provides our customers with a new all-in-one outpatient colonoscopy and gastroscopy. FTLife believes needy patients should receive financial, rehabilitation and emotional support from the community when fighting cancer. In view of this, FTLife has now decided to go the extra mile, so underprivileged patients with colon and gastrointestinal cancer can receive much needed assistance.

Between 1 June 2020 and 31 May 2021, FTLife will donate HK$1,000 to the FTLife x St. James' Settlement Cancer Patient Support Programme every time a medical insurance customer claims outpatient colonoscopy and gastroscopy. In this way, FTLife customers will be playing a role in helping underprivileged cancer patients benefit from our philanthropic programme – all at the same time as taking care of their own health. Donations will be in the form of emergency cash assistance and cancer-care nutrition packs.

The Philanthropic Community Pharmacy of St. James’ Settlement was established in 2009 as Hong Kong’s first non-profit community pharmacy. It has since been helping to relieve the financial burden borne by underprivileged patients. These typically include those receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, low-income citizens and the elderly. As well as helping the less fortunate to purchase medication and nutrition packs, the community pharmacy provides essential pharmaceutical consultancy. Each case of financial assistance is considered by St. James’ Settlement. Please refer to the Philanthropic Community Pharmacy of St. James' Settlement website for details.

【FTLife donates the New World Group’s Epidemic-Prevention Equipment to Principal Chan】

We are grateful to be fully supported by New World Development and NWS Holdings, in regarding the donation of Epidemic-prevention equipment to “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”. Leaded by volunteers from FTLife and NWS Holdings, the protective equipment was handed to Principal Chan then distributed to a thousand grass-root families. Over 10,000 masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes were sent out.

To support underprivileged students, FTLife joint hands with “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”

One year since our collocation with “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”, we’ve aimed to provide 3 years of scholarship for the underprivileged students, in hope to encourage them in the academic pursuits. Given the current situation, many students and their families are suffering from the scarcity of epidemic-prevention equipment. FTLife is more than happy to share the equipment with those in need, and together we will overcome the challenges.

FTLife fully supports “Sustainability Forum 2020”

Perpetual social and economic growth is incompatible with our finite ecological world. Sustainability poses a significant challenge for both individuals and society as a whole. FTLife believes that creating values for customers while helping to preserve nature and drive impact for the greater good is the right way to grow business. Therefore, FTLife is proud to support the “Sustainability Forum 2020: Activating Change in a New World Order”, which took place at the newly built K11 ATELIER King’s Road on 16 January.

“Sustainability Forum 2020” commenced with welcome remarks by Dr. Adrian Cheng, founder of the Forum organiser Culture for Tomorrow, as well as Executive Vice-chairman and General Manager of New World Development and Chairman of FTLife. The one-day forum featured a line-up of guest speakers from different disciplines, including a keynote speech by Mr. Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The Forum gathered some 200 business leaders and experts to explore issues on sustainability, climate change, culture and other global challenges. Through cross-sector and cross-generational dialogues, the Forum aimed to inspire the world to radically rethink cities, redefine cultures and communities, and realign finance and technology for purpose. Early access to “Disruptive Matter”, an art exhibition presented by K11 Art Foundation (“KAF”); and “Carbon’s Causalities”, a photography exhibition co-presented by KAF and The New York Times, were also included in the Forum. Guests are also invited to a K11 ATELIER King’s Road guided tour to learn more about the green building and the sustainable initiatives.

In recent year, FTLife has embedded sustainability into our business practices. For example, we have invested in the development of InsurTech. The all-new mobile app “Reach FTLife” provides more flexible and efficient policy services to our customers and help minimise the use of paper and resources at the same time. Exercise classes are organised during lunch hours to get them moving. And, delicacies and sweets produced by social enterprises are distributed to bring laughter to the workplace while shaping a harmonious corporate culture.

FTLife set up scholarships to support underprivileged students

True to its charitable corporate culture and its dedication to “protection and succession”, FTLife has established the 3-year FTLife Awards for students from “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”. The 8th Recognition Ceremony held by Principal Chan Free Tutorial World was completed on 4 Jan 2020. It aims to recognize students’ great improvement in academic performance and encourage them to change their fate with knowledge and lead a fulfilled life.

In addition to being officiated by the Company’s Vice Chairman and Executive Director, Mr. Fang Lin, the company's management and regional directors were invited to be award presenters for “FTLife Scholarship”. The ceremony included the sharing by volunteer teachers and beneficiaries, talent performance and certificate presentation which was filled with warmth and joyful atmosphere.