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"BetterCare" Medical Insurance Plan* is a flexi-plan certified by the Government under VHIS. It combines the advantages of VHIS with many additional benefits for coverage of you and your family. The additional major medical benefit protects you from unexpected medical expenses. It also guarantees renewal until age 100 giving you and your loved ones a peace of mind in the future.

In response to the Guideline on Cooling-off Period (GL29) issued by the Insurance Authority, the relevant Terms and Conditions of our Certified Plans under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”) have been amended accordingly, which have been re-certified by Health Bureau effective from 1 Apr 2021. The Certification Numbers of “BetterCare” Medical Insurance Plan have been updated to: F00021-01-000-02 / F00021-02-000-02 / F00021-03-000-02 / F00021-04-000-02 / F00021-05-000-02 / F00021-06-000-02



Issue age

15 days to age 80

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All-round Coverage for Medical Expenses
  • Coverage of various expenses of hospitalisation such as operating theatre charges, room and board, miscellaneous charges and attending doctor’s visit fee.
  • Protection for outpatient care before confinement or day case procedure1,treatments and care1 after discharge from hospital and day case procedure1,including home nursing, etc.
  • Major medical benefit to provide an extra 80% additional benefit#for expenses that exceed the maximum limit of basic benefit.
  • In the unfortunate event of the insured person’s death, compassionate death benefit and additional death benefit for organ donor2 will be paid.
  • # Major medical benefit is subject to 20% coinsurance and maximum reimbursement of different benefit level. Please refer to the benefit schedule of different benefit levels for details.

No Lifetime Benefit Limit and Deductible3

This plan provides three different benefit levels without lifetime benefit limit and deductible3. The annual benefit limit ranges from HKD 500,000 to HKD 700,000*(according to your choice of benefit level). You can choose the most suitable medical protection level to meet your personal needs and prepare the best possible medical solution for you and your loved ones.

* Major medical benefit is an additional benefit and not included in the annual benefit limit. Please contact your financial consultant for the details of benefit limit in US dollars.

Guaranteed Renewal up to Age 100

Individuals aged between 15 days and age 80 are eligible to apply for this plan. Moreover, regardless of your health conditions in the future, the plan guarantees renewal until age 100. Renewal premium will not be increased according to insured person’s age after attaining age 70 which commits to provide a lifelong medical protection.

All-round Cancer Treatment Protection

Many suffers from cancer without preparation especially at a much younger age and their lives undergo unprecedented changes. In addition to the coverage for surgical cancer treatments, the plan also covers expenses for non-surgical cancer treatments during confinement or at outpatient centres, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy. We believe getting appropriate treatments will lead to better chances of recovery.

Covering Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging Tests

The plan offers coverage to the insured person for expenses of prescribed diagnostic imaging test incurred during confinement or at outpatient centres, including computed tomography ("CT"scan), magnetic resonance imaging ("MRI" scan), positron emission tomography ("PET" scan), etc.

Major Medical Benefit

Worrying about excess expenses that exceed benefit limits while getting medical treatments could be a huge burden for the patients. The plan provides major medical benefit (20% coinsurance) which is additional benefit beyond the basic benefit for each policy year and not included in the annual benefit limit. It helps you recuperate from illness with greater ease and peace. Please refer to the Benefit Schedule for details about the major medical benefit of respective benefit levels.

Covering Unknown Pre-existing Conditions

To give you an extra peace of mind, the plan covers unknown pre-existing conditions of which you were not aware and would not reasonably have been aware at the time of application. The coverage also extends to congenital conditions which have manifested or been diagnosed after the insured person has attained age 8 or after.

Tax Deduction for Extra Financial Ease

If you4 or your family members5 enrol in the plan, the eligible premiums paid6 for the plan will be allowed for tax deduction each year. The ceiling for annual deduction per insured person is HKD 8,000, and there is no cap on the number of family members5 that are eligible for tax deduction. You can, therefore, prepare the suitable medical protection for your loved ones with more affordable premiums through tax deduction.

Upfront No-Claim Discount for Successful Applications

We offer no-claim discount to encourage you a healthy lifestyle. Unlike similar plans in the market, the plan provides an annual premium discount up to maximum 16%# immediately following successful new application until the first claim is made. Then an 8% discount is provided in the policy year following a claim, while a 0% discount applies to the policy years thereafter. If no claim is made for three consecutive policy years, the rate of no-claim discount will revert to 16%.

#Medical services performed during day case procedure will NOT affect the no-claim discount.

Compassionate Death Benefit as Extra Care to Your Loved Ones

In the unfortunate event of the insured person’s death, a maximum of HKD 30,000 as compassionate death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. If, after the insured person’s death, a major organ of the insured person is donated and transplanted legally, an additional compensation up to HKD 30,0002 will be paid.

e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Prestige)7

For details, please refer to e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Prestige) Flyer.

Free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service7

Upon your enrolment of the plan, you will have access to free 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance for immediate support wherever you may be. The maximum benefit (per incident) reaches up to USD 1,000,000, including services of emergency evacuation or repatriation and delivery of mortal remains.

  1. The Company shall have the right to ask for proof of recommendation e.g. written referral or testifying statement on the claim form by the attending doctor or registered medical practitioner.
  2. This benefit is payable in addition to "compassionate death benefit".
  3. There is no deductible for this plan, but designated benefit items are subject to coinsurance, including the 30% coinsurance which must be borne by the policy holder for prescribed diagnostic imaging tests and 20% coinsurance which must be bore by the policy holder for major medical benefit.
  4. Tax deduction is only applicable to the policy holder who holds a valid identity card issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government.
  5. Eligible family members refer to your spouse and child; or your and your spouse’s parent, grandparent, brother or sister. The eligibility of the eligible family members is subject to the prevailing administrative rules of the Company.
  6. Eligible premiums paid for the plan will be allowed for tax deduction each year. The ceiling for annual deduction per insured person is HKD8,000.
  7. e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Prestige) and “Free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services” do not form part of the Plan and are provided by third party service providers. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Prestige) and “Free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service” and will not be liable for any services provided by third party service providers. No additional premium are charged for these services.
  8. The above product information does not contain the full terms of the plan and the full terms can be found in the policy document.
  9. This plan may be purchased as a standalone plan without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.

*Government's VHIS Flexi Plan Certification Number: F00021-01-000-02 / F00021-02-000-02 / F00021-03-000-02 / F00021-04-000-02 / F00021-05-000-02 / F00021-06-000-02

The above product summary is for reference only. For more details on the product, please refer to the policy terms and benefits.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.







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