Customer Support

Online Payment

Policyholders registered with the Customer e-service can pay renewal premium with VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay Card via “Online Payment” gateway.

Applicable to



  • Only applicable upcoming due premium / overdue premium within grace period.
  • The customer is responsible for the administration fee (2.73% for VISA or Master Card and 1.58% for UnionPay) which will be included into the payment amount and settled together with the premium.
  • Premium payment and administration fee will be settled in Hong Kong Dollar.
  • The maximum transaction amount up to the sum of HK 38,000 (inclusive of administration fee).
  • Policyowner can pay the premium with VISA/MasterCard issued by banks in Hong Kong / overseas and UnionPay Card issued by bank in Mainland China.
  • UnionPay Card shall be accepted for renewal premium of non-saving Medical, Personal Accident and Term Plan.
  • For credit card issued by bank outside Hong Kong, payment transaction will involve currency conversion and the exchange rate will be determined by the bank. Customer is solely responsible for the currency risks involved and charges that may be levied.
  • Please contact your card-issuing bank for any problems while using your credit card for transaction
  • Acting in our customer’s best interest, we only accept payments made by the policyowner’s credit card or UnionPay Card. FTLife does not accept any payment made by any third party.
  • Please allow 3 working days for payment confirmation. As the receipts will not be provided, please keep transaction reference number for your record.