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Faster Payment System (FPS)

You can scan the designated QR code of "Faster Payment System" (FPS) for premium payment through the bank mobile app or the "Faster Payment System" (FPS) provided by the designated service provider(s).

Get the designated FPS QR code for renewal premium:

(1) Get it in the "Reach FTLife'' mobile app.

(2) Starting from 1 February 2021, we will print the designated FPS code on Premium Notice and Premium Reminder. Please scan the designated FPS QR code for single payment. The steps are as follows:
1. Open the FPS function in the banking mobile app
2. Scan the FPS QR code in the latest Premium Notice / Premium Reminder
3. Premium Required Amount will be shown in the banking mobile app for client to make the payment
4. After the payment is made successfully, client can view the updated premium payment record in Policy Inquiry of “Reach FTLife” or Customer Portal and the Official Receipt will be uploaded in “Reach FTLife” also in the next working day.

Please note:
1. FPS only supports HKD payment under Hong Kong bank account. For USD policy, the renewal premium settlement amount will be converted to HKD following FTL exchange rate and will be reflected in the QR code. QR code will not be provided for CNY policy.
2. For every premium due settlement, client only needs to pay by scanning FPS QR code once. If client made payment repeatedly, client needs to approach our customer service department for refund.
3. To settle renewal premium via FPS, FPS bank account holder must be the policyholder. We will not accept premium payment made by agents or third party and will be refunded.
4. For monthly policies, Premium Notice is not sent out. FPS QR code is printed on Premium Reminder for overdue payment.

Applicable to



  • Only payments made by HKD will be accepted by using "Faster Payment System" (FPS).
  • As we do not provide receipts, please keep transaction reference number for your record.
  • Please allow 3 working days for payment confirmation.
  • The grace period for premium settlement is 31 days after the premium due date and policy renewal premiums should be settled within the grace period.
  • Acting in our customers' best interests, we ONLY accept payments made by the policyholder's or the insured's account. Unless under some specific conditions, payments made by a third party or any other accounts are NOT accepted. Please contact your consultant or call our Customer Service Hotline (Tel: (852) 2866 8898) for more information.