Can I place a remittance in renminbi?

Telegraphic Transfer can be deposited to the following Renminbi Account (Not applicable to the policy in HKD/USD currency):

Bank NameBank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Payee Account NO.012-875-06009232
Account TypeCNY Statement Savings Account
Bank Address3/F Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong
Payee NameFTLife Insurance Company Limited
  • The policy number, client name & the premium amount should be stated on the Bank Telegraphic Transfer Form for all the telegraphic payments and the Telegraphic Transfer receipts should be submitted to the Cashier.
  • The service charge of telegraphic transfer should be borne by the client.
  • Acting in our customers' best interests, we ONLY accept payments made by the policyholder's or insured's account. Unless under some specific conditions, payments made by a third party or any other accounts are NOT accepted. Please contact your consultant or call ur Customer Service Hotline for more information.
Can I pay the premium through Convenience Stores?

Clients shall bring the Premium Notice (with barcode) to any of the 7-Eleven, Circle K convenience stores or CRVanguard Superstores/ CRVanguard Shops in Hong Kong and pay at the cashier counters by cash.

How many working days for processing electronic payment?

3 working days for payment confirmation is required for all electronic payments.

Will I receive the official receipts after premium payment ?

Our Comanpy will issue official receipts to the policyowner upon receipt of the premium, except premium payment paid via electronic payments OR autopay.

I would like to settle premium by cheque, may I know the payee name?

Crossed cheque should payable to "FTLife Insurance Company Limited" and please state policy number and Policyowner's name at the back of the cheque.

How can I use Internet Banking for premium payment?

You can settle your policy premiums through internet banking services offered by banks. Please contact your bank or go to website-->support centre-->payment channels-->renewal premium-->bank bill payment - Internet for details.

Can I use UnionPay Card to settle renewal premium?

No, only applicable for initial premium.

What is the Merchant code of FTLife Insurance company?

Merchant code is "9128"

How to setup autopay bank account?

Submit a completed Direct Debit Authorization form to us, so that you can settle renewal premiums regularly from your designated bank account. Since the processing normally will take around two months, please deposit two months premium before successfully setup.

Can I use daughter of policyowner's bank account to setup autopay for settle renewal premium?

Yes. We allow bank account / credit card by spouse, parents , son & daughter, sibling and grandparent of policyowner to setup autopay with valid relationship proof provided.

Any grace priod for premium settlement?

The grace period for premium settlement is 31 days after the premium due date and policy renewal premiums should be settled within the grace period.