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K Dollar

Policyowner can settle policy premium payments by either scanning the K Dollar Payment QR code through POS online payment function via agent (applicable for initial premium) or in person at our Cashier Office (applicable for initial or renewal premium). Minimum spending amount is 10 K Dollars and must be an integer. The maximum amount of each transaction is 5,000 K Dollars, however, subject to availability of K Dollars in Policyowner’s K Dollar Program Membership account.

Starting from April 24, 2023, in addition to paying K Dollar for the initial premium and renewal premium, policyowner can now also visit the company’s cashier office to repay policy loans or make other policy change fee (such as policy reinstatement, etc.) in K Dollar. The maximum payment amount per transaction is 5,000 K Dollar (minimum 10 K Dollar), and must be an integer.


  1. The customer must be the policy owner.
  2. The upper limit of premium payment at the cashier office is 117,000 K Dollar or the modal premium of each policy, whichever is lower.

For more details related to K Dollar Payment:

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Please note the following if payment is made by K Dollars:

In the event of policy cancellation, corresponding K Dollars transaction amount shall be refunded to policyowner’s original K Dollar Program Membership account (wherever applicable including withdrawal of policy application, unsuccessful policy application, cancellation of payment and cancellation of policy within the cooling-off period), refunded K Dollars amount will be rounded down to the nearest integer under whatsoever circumstances and; expiry date of the corresponding K Dollars spent in this transaction shall follow its original expiry date at the time it is being debited for the policy premium payment.

FTLife Insurance Company Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) (“FTLife”) is not the provider of K Dollars and shall not be liable or responsible for any matters related to K Dollars. In case of any disputes, FTLife and Missions Points Network Company Limited (MPNCL, the service provider of K Dollars) reserve the right of final decision.