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"Wealth Achiever" Universal Life Protection Plan, which offers annual interest along with comprehensive life protection and all the flexibility that you need - all for a lump-sum premium, and you can activate your wealth protection, appreciation and inheritance solution right away.

Wealth Achiever Universal Life Protection Savings Insurance
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Flexible life protection
The "Wealth Achiever" Universal Life Protection Plan combines the benefit of life protection and wealth management. Life protection is in force once you have successfully enrolled the plan, thereby creating a safety net and peace of mind for you and your family.

Flexible Life Protection: When applying for the plan you can choose a sum insured amount which can be adjusted1 according to your needs after the second policy year subject to terms and conditions in the policy provisions. In the unfortunate event of the insured's death, we will pay a death benefit to the specified beneficiary.

Advanced Death Benefit2: Advanced death benefit will be paid if the insured has been diagnosed and certified as having no more than twelve months to live from the date of such diagnosis and certification, subject to a benefit limit of USD 2 million for the same insured.
Annual interest return to capture the growth potential of your fortune
Apart from flexible life protection, the plan helps you capture the growth potential of your fortune by offering an annual interest return3. Your premiums will accumulate in your policy as the account value. Each lump sum of premium will create a new account layer in your account. After deducting all applicable charges, each account layer will start earning interest according to the crediting interest rate as announced by us. The minimum guaranteed crediting interest rate is 2% p.a. for the basic account layers.
Options to pay top-up premiums
The Plan provides great flexibility. Additional lump-sum top-up premiums4 can be paid on top of the initial lump-sum basic premium and enjoy the annual interest return. You may also withdraw cash from the policy account or apply for a policy loan5 , providing the flexibility you need when financial circumstances dictate.
  1. Increase in sum insured is subject to our underwriting rule and decrease in sum insured involves a surrender charge.
  2. Advanced Death Benefit is payable only when the insured provides proof from medical practitioners that the insured has no more than twelve months left to live from the date of such diagnosis and certification. A medical practitioner means a person qualified by degree in western medicine and legally authorized in his/her area of practice. For details, please refer to the policy provisions.
  3. We will announce the crediting interest rate from time to time, and different account layers formed at different times may give rise to different applicable crediting interest rates. We will credit the interest to your policy account at the end of each policy year until the insured reaches the age of 120. However, in the event of exceptional situations, such as market crash or suspension of dealings on a major stock exchange, which prevent our proper determination of the crediting interest rate, we may then suspend the announcement of the crediting interest rate for up to 6 months.
  4. Your request to pay top-up premiums is subject to terms & conditions in the policy provisions. We reserve the right to reject such requests and are not responsible for any loss arising from such rejections.
  5. After the first policy anniversary, you may obtain a loan from us, in which the amount will be determined by us. We have the right to postpone approving your loan for up to six months from the date of your request unless such loan is used to pay premium on any of your policies with us. The policy loan will be at an interest rate determined by us and we have the right to change the interest rate from time to time by giving you one month's prior notice. Unpaid interest at any policy anniversary will be added to the principal of such loan and will bear interest at the same rate.

The above product summary is for reference only. Please refer to the policy provision for the terms and conditions.

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