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Regent Insurance Plan can help you to achieve the financial goals of growing your wealth in a sustainable manner. Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy provisions, the Regent Insurance Plan provides you with attractive long-term returns and whole life protection with a choice of 4-year or 12-year premium payment periods and various prepayment options. Special discount is also available for designated premium amount. This plan enables you to achieve a bright future with ease.

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Attractive Long Term Returns to Help in Achieving Your Long-term Financial Goals

In addition to a guaranteed cash value, Regent Insurance Plan will pay an annual dividend1 on a non-guaranteed basis every policy anniversary after the 3rd policy year. You can choose to withdraw dividends in cash to realize your dreams in different stages of life, these could include an overseas trip after retirement or education funding for your children.

You can also consider keeping dividends in your policy to accumulate interest1 or use the same for full/partial settlement2 of future premiums. The amount of dividend is determined by a number of factors. The plan also offers a terminal dividend1 if your policy is surrendered or reaches its maturity, or in the unfortunate event of death of the insured. This further boosts your wealth and provides support for you and your loved ones.

Comprehensive coverage and option to change the insured

The Regent Insurance Plan provides life insurance for the insured up to the age of 100 of the initial insured. Once the premium payment period has expired and during the lifetime of the insured, you may change the insured to another person subject to the prevailing administrative rules3. This means the value of the policy can be inherited to the next generation until the policy anniversary after the initial insured’s 100th birthday3.

Settlement option for death benefits or full surrender

While the insured survives, the policyowner can choose from the following two options regarding payment to the beneficiary of death benefit in the unfortunate event of the insured’s death:

i) A lump sum payment; or

ii) Regular payments4 - monthly, semi-annually or annually over 10, 20 or 30 years - tailored to meet the daily expenses of beneficiaries. The amount of death benefit which is yet to pay out under the death benefit settlement option can enjoy an interest5. This option is only available if the total amount of death benefit is equal to or higher than US$100,000.

Once the policy has been in force for 5 years – and if the policyowner opts for a full surrender – he or she can choose between receiving a lump sum payment and receiving surrender payment at regular intervals6. This enables you to protect the value of the policy from market volatility, thereby granting the freedom to plan for the future. This option is only available if the surrender payment is equal to or greater than US$100,000. The surrender payment that is yet to be paid can enjoy an interest5.

Flexible Premium Payment

Short Premium Payment Option - Regent Insurance Plan is issued in US dollar and offers you two premium payment period options of 4 years and 12 years. In addition, the premium will remain unchanged throughout your chosen premium payment period, so it will be easier for you to plan your financial arrangements ahead.

Premium Prepayment Options7 - In addition, various premium prepayment options are provided. You may enjoy the benefit of paying up the plan earlier at a lower cost as interest will be earned from the prepayment amount.

Premium Discount – You may enjoy a special discount throughout the entire premium payment period. This allows you to manage your finance with ease.

Enjoy Comprehensive Protection with Optional Benefits

Extra protection can be arranged by opting for a range of optional benefits to suit your particular needs. You can do this at the time of making your application, or at any time thereafter. These benefit options include medical, hospitalisation, critical illness and accident insurance.

Medical Underwriting Waiver

No medical underwriting is required# for the insured to enroll in Regent Insurance Plan. You can manage to start your wealth plan with ease.

#Medical underwriting waiver is not applicable to Regent Insurance Plan if it attaches with other optional benefit(s).

Life Protection Ensures Optimal Peace of Mind

Tis plan is designated for the insured aged 15 days to 75 years. It offers you whole life coverage up to the age of 100. Your family and you can experience a joyful life with peace of mind8.

Free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services
When you enroll in Regent Insurance Plan, you will enjoy 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services, no matter where you are.
  1. Annual dividend, terminal dividend and interest from annual dividend are not guaranteed. However, once declared, the declared amount of the annual dividend and the accumulated interest will become guaranteed. The amount of terminal dividend in each declaration may be greater or lesser than the previous amount based on a number of factors, including but not limited to investment returns and general market volatility.
  2. Annual dividend may be insufficient to cover future premiums and then the policyowner is required to resume payments of future premium by other payment methods accepted by us.
  3. Changing the insured will not affect the units, guaranteed cash value, maturity date or policy year. The new insured must be between age 0 to 65 (last birthday), and not over age 60 (last birthday) if he/she is older than the initial insured, and must not be older than the initial insured by 10 years. The change must be endorsed by the policyowner, insured and assignee (if any). Both the new insured and the previous insured must be alive at the time the insured is changed. Following the change of the insured, all complementary policy (if any) and riders (if any) will be terminated and no complementary policy or rider can be added in the future.
  4. The policyowner may opt for the beneficiary to receive the death benefit at regular intervals within a specified time period. However, the actual payout period may be shorter than the selected period if the non-guaranteed interest on the unpaid balance of death benefit decreases. Only lump sum death benefit is applicable if assignment is made. If the beneficiary dies while receiving the regular payments, the remaining amount will be paid to the beneficiary’s estate. If no beneficiary(ies) survives the Insured, the death benefit will be paid to the policyowner in accordance with the death benefit settlement option or in a lump sum as required if the policyowner is alive. If the policyowner has passed away, the death benefit will be paid in a lump sum to the policyowner’s estate.
  5. The interest rate is not guaranteed.
  7. The policyowner may choose to receive surrender payment in fixed amount on a regular basis upon full surrender. However, the actual payout period may be shorter than the selected period if the non-guaranteed interest on the unpaid balance of surrender payment decreases. If the policyowner dies after the option is exercised, the remaining surrender payment will be paid in lump sum to the policyowner’s estate.
  8. Premium prepayment option is applicable to policies with annual premium payment mode only. Prepaid premium will be credited to your premium deposit account. The amount in premium deposit account will be accumulated at the interest rate offered at that time (the current interest rate offered is 2% per annum but it is not guaranteed). Early withdrawal and refund of prepaid premium is not allowed. Policyowner should pay for the outstanding amount in case the balance in premium deposit account is insufficient to settle the premium.
  9. Please refer to product brochure for calculation of Death Benefit.

The above product summary is for reference only. Please refer to the policy provision for the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.


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