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FTLife offers “IncomePro” Annuity Plan (Single Premium) that takes good care of your needs with great flexibility. It provides Monthly Income and life insurance, giving you an extra peace of mind. The plan also specially offers one-year Accumulation Period for you to enjoy Monthly Income immediately after the policy has been in force for one year, so that you can live your life to the fullest after retirement with comprehensive protection!


Until the end of the Income Period

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15 days to age 80

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Various Options of Accumulation Period and Income Period

"IncomePro" Annuity Plan (Single Premium) can fit easily into your retirement plan with its many options of Accumulation Period (1, 3 and 6 years) and Income Period. The Income Period begins immediately when the Accumulation Period is over. You can receive Guaranteed Monthly Income1 and Non-guaranteed Monthly Income1 (if any) up to age 100, or until the end of an Income Period of your own choice. Guaranteed Monthly Income1 will not be affected by market volatility, allowing you to stretch out and find your potential in the retired life as planned. In times of financial abundance, you may keep Monthly Income1 in your policy to accumulate with interest1.

Flexibility to Change Your Accumulation Period and/or Income Period2

You might want to change your retirement planning at different stages of life. "IncomePro" Annuity Plan allows you to plan your retired life with high flexibility. Starting from the 30th Policy Monthly Anniversary, you may choose to advance or delay the payment of annuity2, or to prolong or shorten the Income Period2 according to your needs. This flexibility lets you have 100% control of your retirement life.

Guaranteed Cash Value and Terminal Dividend3

In addition to the Guaranteed Cash Value, "IncomePro" Annuity Plan (Single Premium) offers Terminal Dividend3 (if any) which will be distributed as a lump-sum payment upon policy termination or policy maturity to further boost your wealth.

Death Benefit

In the unfortunate event of the Insured’s death, Death Benefit equals to 101% of the Total Premiums Paid will be paid which grants you a peace of mind. Please refer to the At-a-Glance Table for more details about Death Benefit.

Policy Continuation Option4

"IncomePro" Annuity Plan (Single Premium) specially provides Policy Continuation Option4 . During the lifetime of the Insured, the Policyowner can assign a Beneficiary. Upon the death of the Insured, the Beneficiary will become the new Policyowner and/ or new Insured and continue to enjoy the protection and steady stream of the annuity from the plan.

Travel Medical and Accidental Benefit5

You can give yourself over to new challenges and adventures without worries. During the Income Period, this plan provides the Insured with travel medical benefit5 up to 10% of Total Premiums Paid per policy year and an additional accidental benefit5 up to 100% of Total Premiums Paid in lump sum.

Advance Critical Illness Benefit6

On or after the 6th Policy Anniversary, if the Insured is diagnosed with new Cancer, Stroke or Heart Attack, a portion of the remaining future Monthly Income1 amount (including both guaranteed and non-guaranteed portions) will be paid in advance as Advance Critical Illness Benefit6 based on the attained age of the Insured when he/she is diagnosed with designated critical illness, helping you to get appropriate medical treatment and care.

Terminal Illness Benefit7

During the Income Period, if the Insured is diagnosed with Terminal Illness7 a lump-sum Death Benefit will be paid in advance, and additional Monthly Income1 (including both guaranteed and non-guaranteed portions) will be paid continually in the next 12 months to help mitigate the financial burden during such difficult time.

Loss of Beloved Benefit8

During the Income Period, upon the death of the Insured’s spouse or any of the children, an extra lump-sum benefit of 20% of Total Premiums Paid of loss of Beloved Benefit8 will be provided.

Simple Underwriting for Easy Application

“IncomePro” Annuity Plan (Single Premium) requires no medical check-up which simplifies the application process for you to start your retirement planning at the earliest stage possible.

 Free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service9

Once enrolled in “IncomePro” Annuity Plan (Single Premium), you will have access to free 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance for immediate support wherever you may be. The maximum benefit (per incident) reaches up to USD 1,000,000, including services of emergency evacuation or repatriation and delivery of mortal remains. For details, please refer to related documents.

  1. Monthly Income includes the Guaranteed Monthly Income and Non-guaranteed Monthly Income (if any). Monthly Income will be payable upon completion of each policy month after the commencement of the Income Period until the end of the Income Period. You may choose to leave the Monthly Income in the policy and accumulated at the current interest rate of 4.25% p.a. (non-guaranteed). Non-guaranteed Monthly Income will be increased every year during the Income Period. If there is any increase or decrease of Terminal Dividend, Non-guaranteed Monthly Income can be adjusted on each Policy Monthly Anniversary and the actual amount may be higher or lower than the expected amount during the Income Period.
  2. The period being changed should match any of the pre-set options of the plan, and no application of such change will be accepted after the commencement of Income Period. Application to change the Accumulation Period and/or Income Period is subject to the prevailing administrative rules of the Company.
  3. Terminal Dividend is non-guaranteed and will be declared starting from the 1st Policy Anniversary and will be paid upon policy termination or maturity (whichever is earlier). During the Income Period, Terminal Dividend may decrease over time after the commencement of Income Period as the Non-guaranteed Monthly Income will be withdrawn from Terminal Dividend. The amount of Terminal Dividend in each declaration may be greater or lesser than the previous amount based on a number of factors, including but not limited to investment returns and general market volatility. Please refer to the policy provisions for details of dividend.
  4. Upon the death of Insured, if the Policyowner (still alive) and the Insured is different person, the Beneficiary will become the new Insured. If the Policyowner and the Insured is the same person or the Policyowner died, upon the death of Insured, the Beneficiary will become the new Policyowner and new Insured of the policy, subject to the prevailing administrative rules of the Company. After this option has been exercised, all policy values and policy year will remain unchanged. Please refer to the policy provisions for details of Policy Continuation Option.
  5. Travel Medical and Accidental Benefit only covers injury or illness of the Insured in oversea travels. The benefit reimburses oversea medical expenses up to 10% of Total Premiums Paid per policy year, and up to USD 10,000 per Insured per policy. The Additional Accidental Benefit provides a lump-sum payment for death or disability of the Insured resulted from oversea accidents up to 100% of Total Premiums Paid, and up to USD 200,000 per Insured per policy. If the Insured’s place of residence is in Hong Kong, Macau Special Administrative Region or the People Republic of China, we will only pay for (i) the necessary expenses; or (ii) the injury resulting in place(s) outside Hong Kong, Macau Special Administrative Region or People Republic of China that lead to travel medical benefit. Please refer to the policy provisions for details of Travel Medical and Accidental Benefit.
  6. Advance Critical Illness Benefit will only be paid once. After the claim payment, Guaranteed Cash Value, Terminal Dividend and the future Monthly Income will be reduced accordingly. For the definitions of Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke, please refer to the policy provisions.
  7. Terminal Illness means the Unequivocal Diagnosis by a doctor of an illness that is expected to result in the death of the Insured within 12 months. The Terminal Illness Benefit will only be paid once. The policy will be terminated after this benefit is paid.
  8. The Loss of Beloved Benefit equals to 20% of Total Premiums Paid and is subject to the maximum of USD 10,000 (per insured). This benefit will only be paid once. Immediate coverage for death resulted from an accident, but a 2-year waiting period will be applied to death resulted from illness. The child(ren) must be born or legally adopted by the Insured. The application of claim is subject to the prevailing administrative rules of the Company.
  9. Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services is provided by International SOS Assistance (HK) Limited. FTLife reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services without prior notice and assumes no responsibility of the services provided by third-party service providers.
  10. The above product information does not contain the full terms of the plan and the full terms can be found in the policy document.
  11. This plan may be purchased as a standalone plan without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.







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