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Your protection needs varies at different life stages: protecting your family during your adulthood, preparing yourself and your partner an abundant life after retirement. To meet your evolving needs, FTLife is proud to launch the brand new “On Your Mind” Insurance Plan, making a revolutionary breakthrough in traditional life insurance. In addition to comprehensive life protection, the first-in-market* built-in Policy Reverse Mortgage Function of the Plan allows you to withdraw insurance protection amount as annuity for your retirement. Whether it is a gift for your beloved ones or a secure income for your golden years, “On Your Mind” Insurance Plan could customize your life plan as you wish flexibly.

On Your Mind Life Insurance Plan


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AGED 15 DAYS - 70 YEARS (Depends on Premium Period)

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Whole Life Savings – Death Benefit Score 2020 Q4 Ranked No. 1

“10Life” Insurance Information and Comparison Platform
Whole Life Savings – Death Benefit Score 2020 Q4
Ranked No. 1^

Whole-Life Insurance – Best-In-Class

“Benchmark” Wealth Management Awards 2020
Whole-Life Insurance – Best-In-Class

Built-in Policy Reverse Mortgage Function for you to enjoy annuity with total peace of mind

We understand your concern on retirement life, hence we make a revolutionary breakthrough in traditional life insurance by introducing the brand new built-in Policy Reverse Mortgage Function. In addition to the Death Benefit paid to the Beneficiary after the death of the Insured, the Owner can also choose to withdraw it as annuity in advance for retirement needs. You can receive the annuity in a fixed amount with designated annuity periods and Annuity Payment modes by your own choice.

You can also submit a written request to suspend the annuity during the annuity period or resume such payment after suspension any time. Withdrawing the insurance protection amount as annuity even has no impact on the sum insured. The Plan provides you with flexibility to suit your specific needs at different life stages. You can plan your ideal future retirement life with ease and give your beloved family a comprehensive protection without a hitch.

Remark: The Owner has to pay all applicable interest and charges to the Company if he or she chooses to obtain the Policy Reverse Mortgage Loan. Please refer to “Policy Reverse Mortgage Loan” under “Benefits Details” for more details.

Flexible Death Benefit Settlement Option which tailor the most suitable arrangement for your family

The Owner can choose from different payment methods, i.e. a lump sum payment or installment payments in advance flexibly regarding payment of benefit to different Beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of the Insured’s death. The settlement arrangement can be tailored to each Beneficiary that best suits their future needs and let your love to be extended endlessly.

Severe Dementia Benefit supports you through the time of adversity

If the Insured is diagnosed with Severe Dementia unfortunately, we will pay the Owner with the Death Benefit full amount in lump sum and Extra Death Benefit (if any) in advance to tide over the difficulties.

Terminal Illness Benefit eases your financial burden

If the Insured is diagnosed with Terminal Illness unfortunately, we will pay the Owner with the full Death Benefit and Extra Death Benefit (if any) in lump sum in advance to provide immediate financial support to cater your needs at all time.

Extra Death Benefit and Extra Accidental Death Benefit provide additional protection for your beloved family members

Sudden changes in life may weigh heavy financial burden on your family. If the Insured unfortunately suffers from the following events within the first 20 policy years, we will additionally pay the following benefits:

  • If the Insured passes away unfortunately, a total amount of up to 50% of the sum insured will be paid to the individual Beneficiary(ies) as Extra Death Benefit according to the designated Death Benefit Settlement Option selected by the Owner in advance to ensure the well-being of beloved ones. If the Insured is diagnosed with Severe Dementia / Terminal Illness, up to 50% of the sum insured of Extra Death Benefit will then be paid to the Owner in advance on a lump sum basis to reduce the burden of medical expenses.
  • If the Insured passes away unfortunately within 180 days due to accident before attaining the age of 81, apart from the above Extra Death Benefit, a total amount of up to 50% of the sum insured will be paid to the Beneficiary(ies) as Extra Accidental Death Benefit to alleviate the unexpected financial burden.

Flexible protection upgrade options safeguard your life with extra protection

We understand your protection needs may be adjusted at different stages of life. Therefore, the Plan allows the Owner to exercise protection upgrade option(s) at different periods without submission of further health information to suit your particular needs as and when necessary.

  • Lifestage Protection Booster
    The Owner can enroll in an additional designated whole life or term life insurance plan upon the occurrence of one of the following three life stage events— purchase of property, marriage or childbirth before designated age to upgrade his / her protection and suit different life stages.
  • Insurability Privilege
    The Owner can choose to fully convert the Extra Death Benefit and enroll in a designated new whole life or term life insurance plan within designated policy years to maintain the life protection coverage.

Accumulate wealth continuously to achieve different dreams

Life is full of opportunities, sufficient financial resources will help on realizing your dreams. The Plan allows your wealth to grow potentially with long-term return through guaranteed cash value, non-guaranteed reversionary bonus and non-guaranteed terminal bonus. In addition, you can enjoy a large size discount for whole premium payment period (“Large Size Discount”) upon reaching designated sum insured and start your financial and protection plans hassle-free.

Full surrender settlement options allow you to enjoy greater financial flexibility

You may exercise full surrender according to your financial condition. If the surrender payment reaches the designated amount, you can even choose to receive such payment either by regular installments or increasing installments to enjoy greater financial flexibility.

Waiver of Premium Benefit alleviates the financial burden of your beloved one

Accidents and diseases are unforeseeable. To give your beloved one total peace of mind, we will pay for you the future premiums of the Plan up to USD 100,000 under designated circumstances. It helps you to maintain the protection for the Insured.

Free worldwide emergency assistance service

Once enrolled in “On Your Mind” Insurance Plan, you will have access to Free 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance for immediate support wherever you may be. The maximum benefit (per incident) reaches up to USD 1,000,000, including services of emergency evacuation or repatriation and delivery of mortal remains.

Two plan versions: Supreme Version / Smart Version to suit your specific needs

An ideal life insurance plan should provide the most suitable protection based on your needs. The Plan offers two versions ― Supreme Version and Smart Version, tailored for various customers with two guaranteed Death Benefit solutions. Supreme Version offers the Insured a guaranteed Death Benefit with 100% of the sum insured for the whole policy term, while the guaranteed Death Benefit under Smart Version will decrease gradually year by year from 100% until 70% of the sum insured after the designated date. We can perfectly offer a life insurance plan to you no matter with a comprehensive coverage or an affordable plan with care.


* “First-in-market” item is concluded based on the same type of product (life insurance plan with calculation of Death Benefit according to sum insured) of major life insurance companies in Hong Kong as of 10 September 2020.

- The above product features are subject to the terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the Product Brochure of “On Your Mind” Insurance Plan and the terms of policy.

The above product information does not contain the full terms of the plan and the full terms can be found in the policy document.

This plan may be purchased as a standalone plan without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.


Source of information: 10Life, an insurance information and comparison platform. As of 22 December 2020, “On Your Mind” Insurance Plan (Smart Version) (4-8 years, 9-12 years or 15-30 years payment term and death benefit score) ranks No.1 in Whole Life Savings Insurance. For details, please visit

The above product summary is for reference only. For more details on the product, please refer to the policy terms and benefits.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.


"HealthCare 168" Critical Illness Protector 2

"HealthCare 168" Critical Illness Protector 2

MediGold Plus Insurance Plan

Protection afforded by a superior lifetime medical insurance plan grants peace of mind while you concentrate on developing a successful career and raising a family. FTLife’s MediGold Plus Insurance Plan (MediGold Plus) leads the industry in this regard, thanks to features that include top-notch medical facilities and comprehensive support, all under a one-stop global medical solution. This enables you to get cutting-edge medical care whether seeking treatment in Hong Kong or overseas.


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