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"MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan, a medical protection designed with high coverage for the employees to complement the inadequacy in the present group or personal insurance schemes. "MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan provides a choice of annual deductible options to achieve the best results, offering peace of mind for you and your families.

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Extreme high protection limit

Advances in medical technology make many diseases more curable, but can add to medical costs. "MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan provides an annual limit of HKD28 million (USD3.5 million) and a lifetime limit of HKD60 million (USD7.5 million) to address the inadequacy of group insurance coverage, and ease your worry over medical expenses for a lifetime.

The plan provides comprehensive coverage including onestop medical protection, and covers all eligible expenses for confinement, surgical, pre/ post-confinement and pre/ postsurgical doctor consultation, and rehabilitation; along with special care benefits including advanced diagnostic imaging, cancer treatment2 and organ transplant3 .

Flexible annual deductible arrangement
The Plan offers two annual deductible options, HKD48,000 (USD6,000) and HKD88,000(USD11,000). You can wisely utilize your personal or group insurance to pay for the annual deductible. The plan provides the privilege of waiving the annual deductible for hospitalization due to critical illness4 to suit the needs of retirees who have no group medical protection. Annual deductible will be waived if the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness after age 60. The insured can also lower the annual deductible without having to submit any medical evidence when reaches age 50, 55, 60 or 65.
Cashless hospitalization arrangement5
Simply call the Medical Concierge Hotline and apply cashless arrangement for admission to network hospital. You just need to obtain our prior approval by completing the prescribed preapproval form. Once approved you can spare the hassle of paying deposit before hospitalization, and after discharged you are not required to process any claims procedures. All eligible medical expenses will be settled directly, allowing you to focus on recovery without worrying about medical bills.
Medical Concierge Service6
The Plan provides Medical Concierge Service including provision of information for specialist consultation, doctor referral and accessing hospitalization. Moreover, this service include assistance of your application for Cashless Hospitalization Arrangement2 and co-ordination of the pre-approval process.
Inpatient Medical Advice Serivce7
All you need to do is to call the Medical Concierge Hotline, the professional specialists and doctors would explain diagnosis reports based on your medical documents, and provide information on the common course of medical treatment with respective medical expenses for you.
Various Combinations with Insurance Plan
This plan can be attached to a wide range of insurance plans designated by us. You can freely build a comprehensive protection for your health as well as wealth.
Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal
For any successful application of “MediPro” Medical Insurance Plan, you can renew your policy up to the age of 1004. Your renewal premium will be determined according to the premium table at the time of renewal.
  1. Children under 6 years old is subject to special underwriting conditions.
  2. You can renew your plan until the age of 100, as long as we still provide this plan for existing customers.
  3. Cancer treatment includes chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy on an in-patient or out-patient basis.
  4. If the age of the Insured as specified in the Policy Specifications or relevant endorsement is 55 or below, annual deductible is waived if the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness and is confined as a direct result of the critical illness after age 60. For detailed definition of critical illness, please refer to the policy provisions.
  5. This Cashless Arrangement Service is only available 180 days after the policy effective date or the date of reinstatement, whichever the later and only applicable to network hospitals. Insured has to arrange with our Medical Concierge Hotline and obtain our prior approval by completing the prescribed pre-approval form to enjoy this service. We will pay the deposit but subject to the deduction of the annual deductible of your plan. And after discharge, we reserve the right to recoup any ineligible expenses. This service is provided by Actuarial Insourcing Services Limited.
  6. This service is provided by Actuarial Insourcing Services Limited.

The above product summary is for reference only. Please refer to the policy provision for the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.


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