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Your career could be in great shape, but everything changes when illness strikes out of the blue. How do you give yourself and your family peace of mind? FTLife proudly presents "MediGold" Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan as a superior lifetime safeguard against the traumatic impact of unexpected medical expenses and it is truly tailored for the needs of our prestigious clients.

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Full cover protection
Only top-quality treatment is good enough when you are ill, so the "MediGold" Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan provides comprehensive cover for all eligible expenses for confinement, surgical, pre/ post-confinement and pre/ post-surgical doctor consultation, and rehabilitation; along with special care benefits including advanced diagnostic imaging, cancer treatment2, organ transplant3 and pregnancy complications4 The plan’s annual limit is CNY25 million (USD4 million/ HKD32 million), while the lifetime limit is CNY100 million (USD16 million/ HKD128 million). Sum of this magnitude engender peace of mind because they can be expected to cover the most advanced therapy.
Cashless hospitalization arrangement5
Simply call the 24-hour Medical Concierge Hotline6 and fill in the prescribed form to obtain pre-approval for a cashless hospitalization arrangement to spare you the hassle of deposit and claim procedures. After your discharge all eligible medical expenses will be settled directly so you are not required to process any claims procedures or worry about settlement of hospital charges.
Worldwide cover highlighting a top-notch hospital network in China
Worldwide cover offered from "MediGold" Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan ensures you get quality treatment whether in Hong Kong, mainland China or anywhere else in the world (including the United States). The medical network includes Grade 3A hospitals in China’s major cities, and many are listed on the Ailibi 2015 Competitiveness of China Hospitals ● Top 100 (2015 中國醫 院競爭力 ● 頂級醫院排名100 強). You will never need worry about finding the right hospital. The plan offers three options of areas of coverage to meet your needs.
First in the market - Integrated Global Emergency Service7
The first in the market Integrated Global Emergency Service is applicable to member who suffers serious bodily injury or sudden illness while travelling 150 km outside of your place of residence or country of domicile, including your country of residence and overseas countries. The service includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as arrangement of relatives to visit the insured in his or her hospital and sending depending child/ children back to their place of residence.
Medical Concierge8 and first in the market Accompanying Service
Medical Concierge Hotline - The "MediGold" Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan provides 24-hour Medical Concierge Hotline8 to give information regarding specialist consultation, doctor referral and hospitalization, help you get access to a network hospital upon a network doctor's referral and assist in the cashless arrangement1 for your hospitalization.

Accompanying Service9- On the day of admission, a specialist will accompany you with the inpatient arrangement and the admission process, to save you queuing time. Moreover, assistance will be provided to collect medical diagnosis reports and medical receipts from the relevant network hospital for the arrangement follow up. You can enjoy a VIP-like service, along with peace of mind.

Inpatient Medical Advice Service - According to your medical documents, our professional specialists and doctors would explain the medical documents and diagnosis, and also provide information on the common course of medical treatment and the range of medical expenses for such treatment in Hong Kong.
Various Combinations with Insurance Plan
This plan can be attached to a wide range of insurance plans designated by us. You can freely build a comprehensive protection for your health as well as wealth.
Guaranteed lifetime renewal
Once you successfully applied for "MediGold" Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan, you can renew your policy up to the age of 10010. Your renewal premium will be determined by the premium table at the time of renewal.
  1. Children under 6 years old is subject to special underwriting conditions.
  2. Cancer treatment includes chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy on an in-patient or out-patient basis.
  3. Organ transplant benefit is only payable after the policy has been effective for 1 uninterrupted policy year. If the donation is made by a living donor who belongs to the insured's immediate family, we will pay you an amount which is equal to the actual charges incurred by the living donor up to and not exceeding the reasonable and customary charges for the living donor's confinement and organ transplant operation in a hospital. The cost of acquisition of any organs otherwise than in accordance with the laws of the place of organ transplant operation and the cost for transportation of the organ is not covered.
  4. Pregnancy complications benefit is only payable when the date of diagnosis must be after 12 policy months after the policy date or the date of reinstatement, whichever is later.
  5. The cashless arrangement service is only available 180 days after the policy effective date or the date of reinstatement, whichever the later; and only applicable to network hospitals. Insured has to seek our prior approval by completing the prescribed pre-approval form to enjoy this service. After discharge, we reserve the right to recoup any ineligible expenses. This service is provided by Actuarial Insourcing Services Limited and is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to terminate or vary this service in our sole discretion without further notice.
  6. The Preferred Plan's Medical Concierge Hotline operating hours is 8am to 10pm Hong Kong time.
  7. This service is provided by EMA Global Hong Kong Limited.
  8. This service is provided by Actuarial Insourcing Services Limited.
  9. Accompanying service is only applicable to network hospitals in China, and for Supreme and Premier Plans.
  10. You can renew your plan until the age of 100, as long as we still provide this plan for existing customers.

The above product summary is for reference only. Please refer to the policy provision for the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.


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"MediGold" Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan

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