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Protection afforded by a superior lifetime medical insurance plan grants peace of mind while you concentrate on developing a successful career and raising a family.

"MediGold Plus" Insurance Plan

Up to 128 years old

Issue age

15 days to 75 years old

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Medical Coverage - Semi-Private 2020 5-Star Rated

“10Life” Insurance Information and Comparison Platform
Medical Coverage - Semi-Private 2020
5-Star Rated^

Guaranteed renewal1,2

MediGold Plus provides an overall lifetime limit of up toHKD128 million3. The plan guarantees that your premium for renewal will not be raised for any claim you have made or any changes in your health condition, allowing you to renew your cover until 128 years of age for truly worry-free medical protection through life.

Flexible options

MediGold Plus offers 3 choices of regional coverage in Asia and worldwide, along with 4 annual deductible options4. What’s more, you can opt for benefits to cover out-patient, dental5 and maternity care6, providing you total healthcare solution.

Full coverage for hospitalisation and surgical expense

MediGold Plus offers comprehensive medical protection. The plan provides full coverage for the charges of room and board, doctor’s visit, your miscellaneous hospital expenses during confinement, out-patient surgical expenses, etc. We will also reimburse the expenses for pre/post-confinement, consultation and medication for pre/post-surgery as well as the medical expenses in relation to ancillary treatment and rehabilitation.

Prime protection for serious illness
  • Cancer – It takes time for overseas quality drugs to be registered in Hong Kong. If the insured is diagnosed with cancer and required a drug which hasn’t been registered in Hong Kong, MediGold Plus will pay up to HKD800,000 for Specifically Approved Personalised Drugs7 recommended by a medical practitioner with obtained special permission from the Department of Health. This allows the insured to access the world’s most suitable drug treatment.
  • Stroke and heart attack – MediGold Plus offers additional rehabilitation benefit in the event of a stroke or heart attack, covering the expenses incurred due to chiropractic care, physiotherapy, speech therapy or other treatments received from a cardiologist. The benefit even covers home facility enhancement prescribed by an occupational therapist so you can concentrate on recovery without financial worry.
New Parents Benefits
  • Newborn Cash8 – A congratulatory HKD3,000 cash will be given to the insured for celebrating the birth of his/her new born baby.
  • Pregnancy Complications – Coverage for pregnancy complications in terms of the fees for the treatment and consultation.
  • ICU Daily Cash for Premature Newborn Child8– Cash benefit for a prematurely-born baby in intensive care unit (ICU).
No Claim Annual Deductible Discount

If no claim is made for 2 consecutive years, MediGold Plus offers a 10% of the annual deductible amount as discount to against your selected deductible option for the following policy year. This discount applies to your plan’s original annual deductible amount and accumulates every 2 years to a maximum of 100% of the annual deductible amount, which means the annual deductible amount can be reduced to 0. Discount will be reset to 0% for the next year of coverage after a claim is made.

Your entitlement to this discount will NOT be affected by the following items:

  • Out-patient Surgical Expenses
  • Hospital Cash
  • Out-patient Surgery Cash
  • Newborn Cash8
  • ICU Daily Cash for Premature Newborn Child8
Extended caring protection and professional medical assistance9
  • e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme)

    To address your medical needs other than protection, this Service renders you with one-stop medical services. It's including:

    • Cashless Arrangement Service
    • Medical Referral Service
    • Local Public-To-Private Hospital Transfer Service
    • Second Medical Opinion Service
    • Mainland China Escort Service and VIP Access
    For details of e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme) and terms and conditions, please refer to "e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme)" flyer and service provision, or contact your financial consultant.

  • Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services

    You can use our free 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services regardless of where you may be. This includes all arrangements and claims for emergency medical evacuation or repatriation, as well as repatriation of remains and compassionate visits etc., providing you with support at any time.

  1. As long as we still provide the benefit plans for existing customers and you meet the requirements of remark 2, we will guarantee to renew the Basic Plan, Rider(which will be attached to a designated basic plan), as well as Supplementary Out-patient Benefit, Supplementary Dental Benefit and Supplementary Maternity Benefit within the coverage period.
  2. If the insured changes his / her country of residence, you need to inform us in writing, provide documentary address proof and obtain our approval for renewal. Approved new premium will take effect on next policy anniversary.
  3. Not applicable to area of coverage in Asia.
  4. Only applicable to area of coverage in Worldwide (excl. US) and Asia.
  5. Supplementary Dental Benefit must be enrolled together with Supplementary Out-patient Benefit.
  6. Supplementary Maternity Benefit must be enrolled together with Supplementary Out-patient Benefit and Supplementary Dental Benefit.
  7. Specifically Approved Personalised Drugs is applicable to Hong Kong only. For the details of special approval from Department of Health, please contact your attending medical practitioner for enquiry.
  8. This benefit item is applicable to father or mother as the insured. The birth certificate of newborn baby must be provided to prove that the newborn baby is the child of the insured.
  9. e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme) and Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services are provided by third-party service providers. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme) and Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services without prior notice and assumes no responsibility of the services provided by the third-party service providers. For details of e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme) and terms and conditions, please refer to “e-ConNET Healthcare Service (Supreme)” flyer and service provision, or contact your financial consultant.
  10. The above product information does not contain the full terms of the plan and the full terms can be found in the policy document.
  11. This plan may be purchased as a standalone plan without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.

Source of information: 10Life, an insurance information and comparison platform, MediGold Plus Insurance Plan has won the (10/10) 5 Star Ratings in semi-private room plan in 2020. For details, please visit

The above product summary is for reference only. Please refer to the policy provision for the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.




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