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Today’s generation understands the role financial management plays in building careers and raising families – but many people overlook the importance of health protection. FTLife is therefore proud to announce the launch of the Health@Ease Critical Illness Protector, a comprehensive critical illness protection at affordable premium to help you cope with expensive medical fees with “Ease”.

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Comprehensive protection with additional 20% benefit1

Health@Ease provides coverage for 53 major critical illnesses2 and 10 minor critical illnesses2, including common less severe malignancyearly stage cancer and carcinoma in situ in up to 23 organs. Within the first 10 policy years, if the insured is diagnosed with a covered major critical illness2, he or she will receive (i) 100% of the sum insured; or (ii) total premiums paid (whichever is higher) as the living benefit2,4, together with an additional living benefit1,2,4 which amounts to 20% of the sum insured 1, as well as a terminal dividend3, which helps the insured to reduce the burden of medical expenses and undergo treatment with peace of mind.

If the insured is diagnosed with a covered minor critical illness2, 20% to 50% of the sum insured will be advanced as the living benefit2,4, together with an additional living benefit2,4 of 20% will be advanced if it happens within the first 10 policy years1,2,4. In the unfortunate situation that the insured passes away, death benefit will be paid out to the beneficiary at as much as (i) 100% of the sum insured; or (ii) total premiums paid (whichever is higher), with additional death benefit1 which amounts to 20% of the sum insured plus terminal dividend3, helping the insured's family to cope with unexpected financial needs.

Sufficient protection with wealth accumulation

It’s a cold, hard, fact of life that critical illness is a common occurrence among young adults. Advances in medical technology cures many diseases, but the high cost of treatment can soon decimate your savings. The plan provides cash value and terminal dividend3, giving you comprehensive protection and at the same time adding value to your wealth.

Upon policy maturity, you will receive 100% of the sum insured as the guaranteed cash value as well as terminal dividend3. Based on your needs you can withdraw the policy's cash value while the policy is in force.

Flexible premium payment period

The plan caters to your individual financial needs with 4 premium payment period options of 15, 20, 25 and 30 years6.

Free Global Advance Care and worldwide emergency assistance service

Health@Ease provides you with “Global Advance Care”*. If you have been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition, you can request medical second opinion5 for free from the world’s top medical centres without waiting for living benefits2,4 to be approved. Please contact suppliers for more details.

The plan also provides a free 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service, so you will receive immediate assistance wherever you may be.

* "Global Advance Care" is provided by MediGuide International. We reserve the right to switch service provider(s) without any prior notice and are also not liable for the service provided by the service provider(s).

  1. Additional living benefit or additional death benefit will be paid if the insured is diagnosed with a covered major critical illness or minor critical illness or passes away during the first 10 policy years.

  2. For details of the scope of critical illness coverage, please refer to the Health@Ease Critical Illness Protector: Overview of Covered Critical Illness Benefits. Benefits will only be paid once for each covered critical illness under this policy.
  3. Terminal dividend is not guaranteed and will be payable after this policy has been in force for a minimum number of policy years. It is at the sole discretion of the Company as to the amount of terminal dividend and whether such dividend should be issued. FTLife will consider the total amount of living benefits paid or payable (if any) and the amount that exceeds the guaranteed cash value of the policy before determining the amount of the terminal dividend. Newly announced terminal dividend are influenced by a number of factors, including but not limited to investment returns and market fluctuations, and the amount may be higher or lower than the amount previously announced.
  4. If the insured has been diagnosed with a covered critical illness, the insured must be alive at the time an application for living benefit or additional living benefit is submitted to FTLife.
  5. To receive medical second opinion provided by Global Advance Care, you must obtain documents or reports from a registered doctor regarding your suspected diagnosis of a qualifying medical condition. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions of Global Advance Care Programme Document.
  6. The premium rates are not guaranteed. The Company reserves the right to review and revise them at any time during the premium payment period. Please refer to the section of (ii) Premium Adjustment under Key Product Risks for details.
  7. The above product information does not contain the full terms of the plan and the full terms can be found in the policy document.
  8. This plan may be purchased as a standalone plan without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.

The above product summary is for reference only. Please refer to the policy provision for the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in this product, please contact your insurance consultant.


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