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"MediEase" Top Up Medical Plan
Health+ Series

"MediEase" Top Up Medical Plan

"MediEase" Top Up Medical Plan offers you more comprehensive coverage in which basic medical insurance may not be able to cover. It eases your burden when facing huge medical expenses.


Up to 100 years

Issue age

Aged 15 days - 65 years

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  • The plan is specially designed for people aged 15 days - 65 years and provides protection up to age 100

  • Reimburse up to 80% of your actual eligible medical expenses (after deductible), subject to a maximum amount of HK$200,000

  • Reduce the deductible by 40% when hospitalized in the Change Job Period

  • Compassionate Death Benefit will be payable in the unfortunate event of death

Health+ Series
"MediEase" Top Up Medical Plan


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