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We love the Future - Your Earning Power Protection Formula iPhone App

What’s your biggest asset in life?

Without doubt, it’s your ability to earn a living. Because if you unexpectedly found yourself unable to do so, it would quickly have a major impact on your family, savings & business. There are 3 important reasons why that might happen: Sudden Death, Critical Illness & Disability. We hope these things won’t happen to you, but they do happen to many people. That’s why we created this easy-to-use tool that will take the guesswork out of insurance, help you analyse your personal insurance needs – whoever & wherever you are – & ensure you have the right cover to protect yourself & the loved ones who depend on your income if such a calamity occurred. This app makes it easy for you to work these things out for yourself. And eliminate the mystery of insurance choices and to empower you to make informed decisions about the subject. The app’s key features include:

  • User-friendly design interface (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese & English)
  • By inputting a few basic financial data (such as monthly family expense, supporting years, age), the app will give you the big picture of your Death, Critical Illness & Accidental Disability insurance needs
  • Instant & precise overview of your existing assets, immediate cash needs, existing insurance protection & the net protection you actually need; comprehensive PDF report with graphics & charts that you can email for your future reference
Your Earning Power Protection Formula Mobile App
Everyone’s situation is unique. The amount & type of insurance you need will depend on a number of variable factors. Once you’ve used this app to make your own calculations, you should contact an FTLife consultant, who will help you to draw up a more comprehensive plan. Our holistic income protection solutions have been specially created to protect you & your family if you can no longer earn an income, either permanently or temporarily. Backed by the range of innovative, flexible options we have designed, & the ability to tailor solutions that meet your specific risk requirements & your pocket; you can have the absolute confidence & peace of mind that come from knowing you will be covered against life’s uncertainties during every stage of your life.
So, if you’re wondering how much insurance you would need, download the App for FREE and start planning for it now! iPhone users can click the button on the right to download at the Hong Kong App Store.

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