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Education isn’t cheap in Hong Kong. Tuition and many other associated expenses increase by leaps and bounds every year. As the recent trend is for local couples to marry at an older age, many of them find they will need to pay for their kids’ education while simultaneously saving for their own retirement. That can place a huge financial burden on their shoulders and make their financial planning more onerous. If they have failed to start making proper provision for both education and retirement well in advance, there’s a risk they may end up needing to defer the latter.

To help families face this dilemma, FTLife has launched an iPhone App called “Love Your Kid’s Future”. This easy-to-use calculator will tell you how much it will cost for your kids to receive the education they need to achieve their dream career, as well as the amount you will need to save every month to finance it. Anyone can use this calculator anytime and anywhere.

Key features include:

  • A user-friendly design interface (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese & English) with images you can customise to make it more personal.
  • Functions to calculate the cost of your kids’ education. You will have the option of calculating the cost for both secondary school and university, or just university; for education for a particular profession (such as medicine, law, science, design, engineering and finance); and for different university locations (including Hong Kong, Mainland China, the US, Canada, the UK or Australia). They also show you the consequences of deferring your savings plan.
  • Then, Dayo Wong will explain the results with both visuals and charts in PDF. You can email or print them out for your future reference.
Love Your Kid’s Future Education Fund Formula Mobile App
Good fortune favours those who are well prepared. Your kids’ education is certainly something you can’t afford to leave to chance. The earlier you start planning for it, the more you can accumulate for this purpose, and the less financial pressure it will create in your life. Saving for your kids’ education requires a steady, long-term investment plan: often for more than 10 years. And it will make a big difference. That’s why many smart young couples have one in place even before they start their family!
So, if you’re wondering how much your kids’ education might cost you, download the App for FREE and start planning for it now! iPhone users can click the button on the right to download at the Hong Kong App Store.

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