Graduate Trainee Programme

Under this 18-month fast-track programme, you will be given opportunities to:

  • Gain practical experience via 18-month job rotations and on-the-job training in different functional areas
  • Nurture professionalism through formal training and professional examination
  • Enrich exposure through networking opportunities
  • Explore potential and career path through mentoring and coaching
  • The trainee with outstanding performance will be offered a promising career to develop his/her strengths and potential after the programme
Journey of Building Young Talent Pipeline
Gain Practical Experience Develop Professionalism Enrich Exposure Career Progression
  • Job rotation to different functional areas

  • Receive on-the-job training

  • Exposure in projects and job assignment

  • Attain professional qualifications through accredited examinations
  • Mentoring and coaching from management

  • Build networks with other trainees and across functions
  • The trainee will be considered by one of the functional areas after the programme depending on performance and business needs
Accelerate Development Explore Career Path
  • Develop competencies from structured training
  • Trainee is able to explore his/her potential and career aspiration through the programme
Graduate Trainee Programme

18 months

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