“On Your Mind” Insurance Plan
Embrace Change for Better Protection

The built-in Policy Reverse Mortgage Function of “On Your Mind” allows you to withdraw insurance protection amount as annuity for your retirement needs. Protection for your family. Peace of mind for you.

"On Your Mind"

Embrace Change for Better Future

Changes bring new opportunities. With an attitude of "embracing change", FTLife creates a different brand story, striving to provide customers with better and more attentive insurance services.

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富通客戶及家屬尊享 –


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e-Connect Health Platform Outpatient Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy

You can select a network medical institution and a doctor via “Reach FTLife” App, and your consultant will arrange your first specialist consultation* and we will apply for Cashless Arrangement Service* on your behalf, allowing you to complete the required procedures at your fingertips.

*Terms & conditions apply

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“Be With You” Personal Accident Plan

“Be With You” Personal Accident Plan (the “Plan”), whether you are in toddlerhood, the prime of life or senectitude, the Plan will customize the best protection to suit your needs. Double hospital cash will also be provided for a number of extraordinary events, including confines in a hospital as a result of an illness which is declared by World Health Organization as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. The Plan will always walk along with you.

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“RewardPro” Insurance Plan

FTLife has been striving to keep our customers front-of-mind in every possible aspects. We are proud to launch the “RewardPro” Insurance Plan, one of the best customer-led innovations to safeguard their wealth throughout. The plan is designed for “Rewarding” you while you can pass on the fruits of an industrious life to the next generations infinitely. Our new product benefits help to safeguard your wealth further.

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FTLife extends “Apply-From-Home” service enabling you to get covered while staying indoors

As the Novel Coronavirus impact continues, FTLife extends “Apply-From-Home” service to 31 December 2020, you can obtain professional insurance advice and application service without leaving home for any face-to-face meeting, more products are covered in this phase.

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Additional Protection Against “Novel Coronavirus”
Up to Additional Benefits HK$52,000

If the Insured Customer is diagnosed to be infected by “Novel Coronavirus” within the Protection Period, we will provide a One-Off Diagnosis Benefit of HKD$20,000* and Additional Hospital Cash Benefit of HK$4,000 per week*.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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Tax Deduction Duet
Tax Deductible Amount Up to HK$68,000*

Apply VHIS + Deferred Annuity together to enjoy upgraded premium discount

*Terms and conditions applied

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Life and Medical Insurance in Hong Kong | FTLife Insurance

FTLife provides you with life and medical insurance in Hong Kong that benefits you with great forward planning. Protect your love ones with our holistic plans.

Life and Medical Insurance in Hong Kong

FTLife provides you with life and medical insurance Hong Kong that benefit you with great forward planning. Protect your loved ones with our holistic plans.

People do not give a second thought when they are asked to insure their material assets. However, it takes a little convincing when it comes to insuring their greatest asset of all – their own life. Life insurance is not just for one’s own financial security, but for the stability of your loved ones if something unfortunate was to befall you. We, at FTLife Insurance, are here to help you create a financial cushion that will encompass your family, reducing the financial stress that they will be faced with in times of personal loss and financial uncertainty.

FTLife Insurance is one of the most reputed insurance companies based in Hong Kong with an ambition to expand across Asia. We, at FTLife Insurance, are determined to provide world-class insurance products whose worth will surpass your investment therein. We encourage our clients and prospects to provide for themselves and their families a two-pronged financial safety net, by investing in medical insurance Hong Kong as well as life insurance Hong Kong. This approach will ensure that medical expenses are met in case of a health crisis within the family. Additionally, it will also provide financial security to your family if unforeseen events were to unravel.

life insurance Hong Kong

If you are looking to invest in life insurance Hong Kong, we encourage you to review our offerings in the segment. By choosing one among our diverse range of life insurance products you can ensure that your family will derive the following benefits:

Your immediate family will have financial support in case of your unexpected demise.

You can prevent your lifestyle from deteriorating in case of fluctuation in income levels or in case of a mishap/accident.

The future of your children will be provided for suitably as per the provisions made by you. This essentially refers to the children’s educational needs thereby equipping them to establish themselves in the future.

Life insurance can serve as a savings plan that will ensure that you will receive consistent income even after your retirement.

All our life insurance products offer life protection for up to 100 years. You can choose to pay premiums for a minimum period of 8 years, or you can opt to pay for a longer period of 12 or 18 years. We offer a single premium payment and a variety of prepayment options to cater to your preference. Most of our products in this section come with an extra death benefit of 100% sum insured in case of demise resulting due to accidents. One of the main reasons to invest in our life insurance plan is to enjoy its contribution by means of wealth addition. You will be paid annual dividends as well as terminal dividends, thereby adding to your accumulated wealth while providing life coverage.

What are offers in medical insurance Hong Kong

If you are looking to invest in medical insurance Hong Kong, we encourage you to review our numerous offerings in this section before you make a choice. We have designed all our products based on the medical conditions that prevail in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s health care situation includes over the top occupancy rates in hospitals reaching 124%, long waiting time to receive specialist outpatient care, high out-of-pocket medical expenses, and increased expenses incurred while treating the elderly.

Our specific medical insurance plan covers hospitalization and surgical expenses in addition to special care expenses, including home care, hospice care, etc. Our plan helps you rid yourself of the financial burden that tends to bear you down in case of sudden diagnosis that demands unexpected medical expenses to be incurred. Additionally, we offer four first-in-market features which includes

Doubling of medical benefit when diagnosed with a severe chronic urban disease

Receipt of no-claim discount immediately after successful application processing.

Coverage for hospitalization and home care benefits.

In case of a sudden job loss, the percentage of reimbursement of major medical benefit will be increased to 100%.

In addition to these attractive features, we also offer three appealing benefits including

No lifetime limit on medical insurance.

Covers not just Chinese medical consultancy but also other western consultancies including hospitalization, out-patient care, and surgery expenses.

Worldwide emergency assistance.

Provision of additional cash allowances.

Contact us and we will help you find the insurance plan that best suits your requirement. Insure yourself today!seo powered by You Find Limited seo company

Insurance Series
 “HealthCare 168”
Critical Illness Protector 2
MediGold Plus
Insurance Plan
Fortune Saver
Insurance Plan II
Your Health Manager


PR_Fitch Rating_EN_Final
Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the global economy is facing severe challenges. Fitch Ratings continues to recognise the solid financial performance of FTLife and view its capitalisation as strong, which is commensurate with its rating category.
FTLife – Fight the Epidemic Together Investment Opportunities in the Midst of Epidemic (1)
FTLife was bestowed with seven awards in recognition of its outstanding achievement across product propositions, good governance, brand strength and client journey and experience.
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3rd Quarter 2020 iFocus
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You can enjoy up to 2.5 months of first-year premium refund upon successful application(s) of “On Your Mind” Insurance Plan during the promotion period. Don’t miss this opportunity!
You can enjoy 6 months first-year premium refund upon successful application(s) of “RewardPro” Insurance Plan during the promotion period. Don’t miss this limited time offer!
You can enjoy up to 10.5% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Prestige Version) / (Global Prestige Version) during the promotion period.
You can enjoy up to 11% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Premier Version) / (Global Premier Version) during the promotion period.
You can enjoy up to 11% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of “Regent Prime” or “Regent Elite” during the promotion period.
You can enjoy up to 7% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Prosperous Deferred Annuity Plan during the promotion period. Don’t miss this opportunity!
You can enjoy premium refund upon successful application(s) of “HealthCare 168” 2 during the promotion period.
Upon successful application(s) of VHIS during the promotion period, you will enjoy a first-year premium refund 1.5 month. Don’t miss this opportunity!
You can enjoy 1st year premium refund up to 1.5 month upon successful application of MediGold Plus. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Enrolls “VHIS Plan” / “MediCare” alongside “TargetCare” within the promotion period can enjoy premium discount for whole Premium Payment Period to let you and your family get extra health protection with ease.
You may enjoy the welcome bonus promotion after successful approval and policy issue if you apply Oscar policy during the promotion period.
We are grateful to be fully supported by New World Development and NWS Holdings, in regarding the donation of Epidemic-prevention equipment to “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”. Leaded by volunteers from FTLife and NWS Holdings, the protective equipment was handed to Principal Chan then distributed to a thousand grass-root families. Over 10,000 masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes were sent out.
FTLife fully supports “Sustainability Forum 2020”
True to its charitable corporate culture and its dedication to “protection and succession”, FTLife has established the 3-year FTLife Scholarships for students from “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”. The 8th Recognition Ceremony held by Principal Chan Free Tutorial World was completed on 4 Jan 2020. It aims to recognize students’ great improvement in academic performance and encourage them to change their fate with knowledge and lead a fulfilled life.
FTLife “Soar and Beyond” Celebration Event was held on 10 December 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to celebrate the Company joining NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS") and becoming a member of New World Group. More than 3,000 guests, executives, strategic partners, agents and staff attended the ceremony to share this commemorative moment of marking a new milestone for FTLife.
FTLife, now a member of the NWS family, has proudly inherited NWS’s vision of sustainable development and actively participated in a wide range of charitable programs. Recently we launched a charitable program titled “Used Clothes for New Books”, which aimed at protecting the environment, helping disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong as well as providing books for children in the Mainland. We hope that the books will facilitate children to learn so that they can pass on knowledge and love.