Help you pass your wealth for generations

FTLife flagship product - brand new “Regent” Insurance Series provides you attractive long-term returns and whole life protection to help you with financial planning and protection with ease, so you can pass on the fruits of an industrious life to your next generations.

“Love beyond words”
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Health Manager
Brings a Healthier Future

FTLife Health Manager helps you to understand yourself more and achieve a healthier life.

Health Manager
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FTL Prestige Customer Service Centre

The high-end centre combines wealth and health management with hi-tech facilities and a superlative approach to customer service – all in luxury lifestyle surroundings.


Fulfill goals at each stage of lives

FTLife provides customers with comprehensive insurance and financial planning services at each stage of their lives, to fulfill our commitment: “Your Future, Our Promise”.

Insurance Series
"Wealth Achiever"
Universal Life Plan
Cancer Plan
Critical Illness Protector
“MediSave” Medical Account

A comprehensive medical protection empowers you to take precautions against medical inflation and accumulate wealth at the same time.

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Micro-movie “Love beyond words” on air - With the launch of “Regent‧Premier” and “Regent‧Prestige”, FTLife proudly presents you “Love beyond words” micro-movie that tells the fortune inheritance wish of every Chinese family through a heart-touching father and son story.
Regent Savings Insurance Annual Divident Special Declaration
* In December 2016, FTLife has enhanced Regent Insurance Plan by advancing the annual dividend payout from the "third policy anniversary date" to the "first policy anniversary date". For existing customers with their Regent policies issued in 2015, an extra annual dividend has been paid to their policies so that they can enjoy a better return.
Kid's DNA test explore children's potential physically and intellectually. Watch 'Kid's DNA test' online video to find out more.
'The health & wellness DNA test for urbanites' analyzes your genes on the aspects of health, nutrition and aptitude for sports. Watch 'Urbanites DNA Test' online video to find out more.
FTLife Health Manager helps you to understand yourself more and achieve a healthier life.
iFocus Second Quarter 2017
As your Health Manager, we care you and your loved ones as much as you do. You can enojoy premium refund and/or Premier Medical Conciege Service upon successful application(s) of designated plan(s) during the promotion period. We want you to have a comprehensive medical protection at ease. (Chinese version Flyer)
To express out gratitude to the long support form our valuable customer, FTLife is glad to present “First-year Premium Refund for Long-standing Customers”. You may enjoy up to 10% first year premium refund by enrolling the designated insurance plans during the promotion period. Know more about the promotion now!
Now you can enjoy size discount for whole Premium Payment period and first year premium refund upon successful application(s) of the “Regent•Prestige” Insurance Plan. So you may build your wealth at ease and achieve a brilliant life.
Enjoy size discount, premium refund, extra high interest rate on prepaid premium and accidental death benefit offer upon successful application(s) of the “Regent•Premier” Insurance Plan. So you may achieve your financial goal at ease with protection.
You may enjoy a Welcome Bonus upon successful application of Oscar during the promotion period. Welcome Bonus Rate can be up to 60%! Please refers to the promotional flyer for details.
Upon successful enrolment of “Wealth Achiever” Universal Life and designated plan(s) at the same time, an “Extra Interest” will be offered, and the guaranteed “Lock-in Interest” could reach up to 4.6%!
FTLife organized a "Partnership Fireworks Night" at its "FTL Prestige VIP Service Centre" on 1st July 2017, the HKSAR 20th Anniversary. Partnership Distribution has invited the key business partners, financial advisors and their customers to view the fantastic fireworks display that light the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbour.
FTLife attended the HKSAR 20th Anniversary Cocktail event hosted by AmCham HK at Island Shangri-La Hotel.
FTLife launched new flagship product - “Regent” Insurance Series, the new product provides customers attractive long-term returns and whole life protection, to help customer pass their wealth for generations.
FTLife launched a first-of-its-kind medical service for all our customers. Customers are welcome to seek complimentary advice from doctors at customer service centre.
FTLife International Economic Forum brought together the most distinguished economists, to help you make the right decisions in plotting a course to the greatest financial comfort and independence.
Love beyond words

An engrossing story between a father who is not good at expressing his love and a son who longs for affirmation; love is actually always around. This heart-touching father and son story brings out the core Chinese family value of fortune inheritance by the new “Regent‧Premier” and “Regent‧Prestige”.

Health Manager brings kids’ potential into full play

FTLife Health Manager offers comprehensive DNA test for children to explore their potential physically and intellectually.

Watch 'Kid’s DNA test' online video to find out more.