In response to the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”) launched by the Government, FTLife has become the first batch of Registered VHIS Provider (Company Registration Number: 00028). We are proud to launch “TopCare” Medical Insurance Plan (Flexi Plan), “BetterCare” Medical Insurance Plan (Flexi Plan) and “WiseCare” Medical Insurance Plan (Standard Plan) to safeguard you and your family's health.

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Deferred Annuity Plan

It takes good care of your retirement needs which provides Monthly Annuity Payment and life insurance, giving you an extra peace of mind. You can also enjoy tax deduction for the premium paid. The plan gives you options for Premium Payment, Accumulation and Annuity Periods with comprehensive protection, so that you can live your life to the fullest after retirement!

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Fortune Saver Insurance Plan

Fortune Saver Insurance Plan is a single premium savings insurance plan specially designed for those who seek for wealth benefits. The plan provides a Prudent-Progressive solution which helps you to plan your future finance wisely.

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FTLife safeguards your future

FTLife launches a new mirco-movie with the title “Changing Lives for the Better”, featuring the true-life stories of three FTLife customers: Dr Samson Cho, Heir of “Muk Chai Kee” Keith Wan and Singer Sukie Chung.

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FTLife creates lasting prosperity

New FTLife Tower now open, new office will provide agents and staff with the state-of-the-art working space and give customers even more attentive and caring professional services.

Besides, FTLife’s strong growth momentum continues into the first half of 2018, with strong solvency ratio and significant accomplishments of Regent Insurance Series.

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“HealthCare 168” Critical Illness Protector 2

It offers full coverage against 168 illnesses, various innovative product advantages and additional benefits, including additional benefit on benign tumour. People with benign conditions can be insured.Multiple claims for Cancer/Stroke/Severe Heart Attack, Protection Reset Benefit and more, which is your preferred critical illness protection.

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Regent Insurance Plan 2

Designed for you who have vision and want to have a financial plan for future in which you can pass on the fruits of an industrious life to the next generations infinitely.

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MediGold Plus Insurance Plan

Protection afforded by a superior lifetime medical insurance plan grants peace of mind while you concentrate on developing a successful career and raising a family.

New Product Features*
  • Convert to mass medical plan without further evidence of insurability required
  • Upgrade area of coverage without further evidence of insurability required
  • *For details, please refer to the product brochure

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    Insurance Series
     “HealthCare 168”
    Critical Illness Protector 2
    "MediCare" Medical
    Insurance Plan
    Deferred Annuity Plan
    Health Manager Brings a Healthier Future

    FTLife Health Manager helps you to understand yourself more and achieve a healthier life.

    FTLife is delighted to announce that the company will be the only insurance company that sponsors the “New World Harbour Race”. This year, a new team race sponsored by FTLife is added - swimmers from local universities are invited to race for the “FTLife University Championship” ,which aims at encouraging youngsters to actively participate in sport events.
    Olympic Gold Medallist Hui Ruoqi now champions FTLife’s Regent Insurance Plan 2. Her outstanding performance symbolises FTLife’s unwavering commitment to serving customers with comprehensive protection and financial planning.
    The love story starts at an unusual tiny shop that sells only air bottles. The shop owner married a girl who can smell everything and like to sample fragrances, but she was eventually hurt by the air and have serious respiratory illness. Facing the potential death, how would he protects his most beloved one?
    Micro-movie “Love beyond words” on air - With the launch of “Regent‧Premier” and “Regent‧Prestige”, FTLife proudly presents you “Love beyond words” micro-movie that tells the fortune inheritance wish of every Chinese family through a heart-touching father and son story.
    Regent Savings Insurance Annual Divident Special Declaration
    * In December 2016, FTLife has enhanced Regent Insurance Plan by advancing the annual dividend payout from the "third policy anniversary date" to the "first policy anniversary date". For existing customers with their Regent policies issued in 2015, an extra annual dividend has been paid to their policies so that they can enjoy a better return.
    iFocus Fourth Quarter 2019
    [Promotion Extended] Valid from now until Nov 30, 2019, download and successfully login “Reach FTLife” App to get a HK$25 coffee coupon.
    Upon successful application(s) of VHIS during the promotion period, you will enjoy a first-year premium refund up to 6 months. Don’t miss this opportunity!
    You can enjoy up to 9% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Prosperous Deferred Annuity Plan during the promotion period. Don’t miss this opportunity!
    From now until 31 December 2019, FTLife customers along with your customer E-Card (located in FTLife customer App “Reach FTLife”) can join as a KLUB 11 Gold Card Member with a designated same-day spending at K11 MUSEA and/or K11 Art Mall.
    You can enjoy Large Size Discount offer upon successful application(s) of Fortune Saver Insurance Plan during the promotion period.
    Applicants who have successfully registered as new members of New World CLUB through “Reach FTLife” Customer App on or before 31 December 2019 will each get a City’super gift voucher valued at HK$50.
    You can enjoy up to 11% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Prestige Version) / (Global Prestige Version) during the promotion period.
    You can enjoy up to 7% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Premier Version) / (Global Premier Version) during the promotion period.
    You can enjoy up to 6% of first-year premium refund reward upon successful application(s) of “Regent Prime” or “Regent Elite” during the promotion period.
    Now you can enjoy one of the FREE “Advanced Health Test for Urbanite” Rewards upon successful application of any plan(s) (exclude the ILAS plan) and must include at least 1 designated VHIS Plan / Health Protection Plan with the Total Annualized First Year Premium stated within the Promotion Period.
    You can enjoy premium refund upon successful application(s) of “HealthCare 168” 2, “HealthCare Choice” or “Health@Ease” during the promotion period.
    You can enjoy premium refund upon successful application(s)of MediGold Plus.
    You may enjoy the welcome bonus promotion after successful approval and policy issue if you apply Oscar policy during the promotion period.
    FTLife was invited to attend a charity dinner hosted by the Ten Percent Charity Dinner. The company's management, regional directors and agents were invited to attend. The charity dinner was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 6. More than 700 delegates attended the event.
    In response to the launch of VHIS, FTLife held a  “Health Manager Client Seminar” on 13 Apr 2019 at FTLife Tower. On the day of the event, Professor Benny Zee Chung Ying from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr Ivy Li Chiu Fai from Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital and Josephine Ow from FTLife were invited to share health tips and VHIS features with our clients, helping them to live a healthy life. We also provided on-site FREE Health Tests including Glucose and Cholesterol, ECG and Blood Pressure to let clients understanding their health status instantly. Furthermore, a special lucky draw was offered and the prizes are free tickets for May Day Concert sponsored by FTLife, making the atmosphere more exciting!
    The “2019 Agency Communication Meeting” was hold on 21 January. The management has announced FTLife’s strategies in different aspects for this year such as marketing, recruitment and training, agency development and technology application. Guest Speaker Mr Paul Cheng, the former Chief Executive Officer of Tsui Wah Group who is visually impaired, shared his personal experience, “I had given up myself after being blind but finally I worked again and even travelled alone. Determination requires action. All you need is stand up proactively and then fight for it until it works.”

    Changing Lives for the Better

    FTLife launches a new mirco-movie with the title “Changing Lives for the Better”, featuring the true-life stories of three FTLife customers: Dr Samson Cho, Heir of “Muk Chai Kee” Keith Wan and Singer Sukie Chung.