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17 October 2016

Compelling "Your Future Our Promise" TV commercial premieres today to publicise the new FTLife brand

A TV commercial starring Hong Kong celebrity Dayo Wong premieres today (17 October 2016), as part of the second phase of a campaign that will include advertising billboards and social media to publicise the FTLife brand.

Famous for his stand-up comedy talent, Dayo Wong has long acted as spokesperson for FTLife and its forerunner, making appearances in a number of TV commercials.

The production that aired today for the first time also features real client stories in the form of vignettes, one of which focuses on a young athlete with a burning desire to play basketball around the world. Others are about a man who realises his dream to own a café by the age of 30, a father seeking to fund his daughter’s education, a grandfather preparing to pass on his wealth, a middle-aged citizen planning retirement and a woman who believes health is of the utmost importance to her future.

Each and every vignette describes how FTLife clients pursue their various goals at different stages of life in order to realise their aspirations. This compelling theme resonates perfectly with FTLife’s guiding principle: "Your Future, Our Promise".

The commercial will be screened by TVB Jade, J2, J5, Viu TV and Now TV, while being carried by social media networks. At the same time, core messaging from the commercial will be displayed by giant billboards all over town, including those in the three cross-harbour tunnels, and throughout the MTR network.