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22 September 2016

The FTLife brand launches today with the aim of becoming a leading player in Hong Kong's financial services industry

"Your Future Our Promise" is FTLife's guiding principle in serving customers

FTLife Insurance Company Limited ("FTLife") today announced a campaign to launch an energetic and forward-looking brand that projects an intention to become a leading player in Hong Kong’s financial services industry. Led by the guiding principle "Your Future Our Promise", FTLife will provide a portfolio of comprehensive insurance and wealth management products to help customers lead fulfilling lives.

Heritage has served the local community for 30-plus years

FTLife is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongchuangjiuding Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. ("JD Group"). Headquartered in Beijing, JD Group has offices in China, North America and Asia. JD Group operates a variety of financial services businesses and is engaged principally in investment, Internet finance and insurance. The Group aspires to become an insurance-centric financial asset management platform operating on a global scale.

This new brand on the financial services scene represents one of Hong Kong's largest insurance companies, based on a heritage that has served the local community for more than three decades. Solid fundamentals and prudent investment strategies have earned the company favourable rankings from global rating agencies.

Hummingbird logo symbolises FTLife's core attributes

FTLife Chairman Fang Lin said: "FTLife provides customers with comprehensive insurance and financial planning services to help them achieve the financial freedom to lead fulfilling lives. We have chosen the hummingbird as our logo because its amazing manoeuvrability, extraordinary adaptability and incomparable vitality symbolise FTLife's core attributes. In fact, our hummingbird logo projects the agility, innovation and ambition we apply to serving customers in ever-changing markets."

He added: "Our "Your Future Our Promise' motto is all about providing customers with a fully-rounded financial planning, risk-management and insurance service to suit different stages of their lives. FTLife aspires to become a top-notch insurance group in Asia, based in Hong Kong, with roots in China."

Talk-of-the-town Jacky Cheung sponsorship

FTLife is proud to present "Jacky Cheung – A CLASSIC TOUR Live in Hong Kong" this coming December. The show forms part of a grand campaign to launch the FTLife brand and corporate identity. Hong Kong pop legend Jacky Cheung has not appeared in a live concert for some five years, so demand is expected to be overwhelming.

CEO Stuart Fraser said: "Jacky's well-known commitment to excellence is consistent with FTLife’s unwavering determination to provide customers with the best possible health and wealth protection. This collaboration is guaranteed to delight thousands of Jacky Cheung fans including many FTLife customers."

The FTLife brand will be seen emblazoned across billboards throughout major tunnels, the MTR, on trams and buses and in the media. Stay tuned for the next wave of advertising in October.

"FTLife New Milestone" lucky draw

The "FTLife New Milestone" lucky draw has been launched in celebration of the new brand and as a way of saying "thank you" to our loyal customers. In fact, eligible customers will be entered automatically and will be in the running to win fabulous prizes. These include a sparkling new Mercedes-Benz CLA 200, concert tickets for the "FTLife presents Jacky Cheung – A CLASSIC TOUR Live in Hong Kong", free credit on an FTLife Credit Card, as well as travel and hotel dining coupons. Please visit for details.