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24 October 2016

FTLife's New "MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan
offers employees lifetime protection limit of HK$60 million

Many employees believe that group medical insurance from their employers is sufficient to cover their needs. However, according to the statistics from The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers1, such group insurance schemes cover only around 60% of medical costs, leaving the remaining 40% to be settled by the employees. With the soaring medical expenses, if any severe illness is diagnosed, the employees will have to shoulder an even heavier financial burden to fill this gap. FTLife presents the new "MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan specially designed for employees.

"MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan provides an extremely high lifetime protection limit of HK$60 million for comprehensive coverage including one-stop medical protection and covers all eligible expenses of confinement, surgical, pre/post-confinement and pre/post-surgical doctor consultation, and rehabilitation, along with special care benefits. This high coverage allows you to choose the most advanced and top-quality treatment. With the lifetime renewal guarantee, your policy can be renewed until you are 1002 to enjoy a worry-free life!

This plan offers two annual deductible options, HK$48,000 and HK$88,000, so that you can wisely utilize your group or personal insurance to pay for the annual deductible. For your financial flexibility, the annual deductible of policies with deductible options of HK$88,000 can be lowered without having to submit any medical evidence when you reach certain ages. And, to suit the retirees’ needs, the annual deductible will be waived3 if the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness and is confined as a direct result of the critical illness after the age of 60.

This plan includes Medical Concierge Service4 for your convenience. Simply call the Medical Concierge Hotline and apply cashless arrangement for admission to network hospitals. Once you get our prior approval, you can spare the hassle of paying a deposit before hospitalization, and after discharged you are not required to process any claims procedures, allowing you to focus on treatment and recovery.

Medical Concierge Service also provides information for specialist consultation, doctor referral, and accessing hospitalization. Its Inpatient Medical Advice Service allows you to call the Medical Concierge Hotline, and the professional specialists and doctors would explain diagnosis reports based on your medical documents, and provide information on the common course of medical treatment with respective medical expenses for you.

Successful application of the plan during the promotional period will enjoy a 15% premium rebate. The first 500 successful applicants can also receive FREE Body Age Test or Chinese Medical Assessment of 5 Viscera. The above offer is subject to the terms and conditions. Please contact your consultant or call our customer service hotline on 2866 8898 for details.

Key Features of "MediPro" Medical Insurance Plan:

  • Extremely high Lifetime Protection Limit of HK$60 million allows you to choose the most advanced treatment and enable a worry-free life
  • Two annual deductible options to complement different types of group or individual insurance for optimizing your needs
  • Annual deductible for hospitalization due to covered critical illness will be waived3 after age of 60 and option to reduce annual deductible at specified age without submitting medical evidence
  • Cashless arrangement for hospitalization facilitates you to focus on recovery
  • Medical Concierge Service and Inpatient Medical Advice Service
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal


  1. Source of information: 《Medical Claims Statistic 2014》 published by The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers. The data shown are the average reimbursement ratio of the first-class and second-class wards.
  2. Only if the company still provides this plan for all existing clients, your plan can be renewed until you reach 100 years of age.
  3. Applicable to Insured whose policy is issued at age 55 or below.
  4. This service is provided by Actuarial Insourcing Services Limited.

Important Note:

  • The information contained in this document is intended as a general summary of information for reference only. For details, please refer to the product brochure and client incentive leaflet. Please also refer to the policy provision for details of the full terms and conditions.
  • For further details, please contact FTLife Customer Service Hotline on 2866 8898.