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Think beyond insurance.

Since joining the New World Group, FTLife Insurance has fully immersed and integrated with the group's vibrant business ecosystem, to reimagine and reshape the concept of insurance.

We have keen insight into the needs of our clients. Apart from providing an all-rounded safeguard to their lives, we go one step further to establish and strengthen long-term relationships with our diverse range of professional life planning solutions. Our top-notch product offerings are always reinforced by our exceptional service.

We leverage the synergy of New World Group's thriving business ecosystem, by working proactively to tap into the interconnectivity of the group's dynamic and diverse business units. We are committed to enriching the lives of our clients by offering them boundless possibilities.

FTLife is your contemporary steward to wealth management, health and wellbeing, and a tasteful lifestyle. We listen attentively to our clients' needs, to meet the demands and standards of the new generation. We are unafraid of breaking conventions, to lead the industry in creating innovative services and products. We pursue excellence, and we are constantly surpassing ourselves, to keep up with the rapid pace of change today.

We are here, to redefine insurance.

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Customer Centricity

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Dynamic Energy
Building on our best-in-class products, we strive to constantly deliver the services and products that best serve customer needs, by listening carefully and responding quickly and thoughtfully. We seek to leverage the full strength of the New World Group ecosystem to create new services and products that break the mould for the insurance industry. Going beyond means always driving each other forward. Every one of us taps into a desire to push ourselves to the next level –powered by a progressive, flexible mindset that links us as one team.
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